Luscious Desserts- Master Chef-Worthy and Most Palatable One 

Luscious Desserts- Master Chef-Worthy and Most Palatable One

Weddings are harbingers of the joy. The newer trend in décor, wedding attires and more are embracing the newer varieties.  To level things up with the food, bringing to Indian wedding catering with these desserts that can be whipped up by the experts. The major aspect of master chef cooking or desserts belongs to tasting perfection and plating perfection too. The ingredients, required for the desserts are freely available in India so there is no need to get fret. Further, to keep the budget of the desserts through roofs, these can be planned for family wedding dinner, bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner, when the overall rush is in the limits.

While experimenting with the combinations struck, we tend to elaborate the kind of items which are needful-

1. Having orange ice cream with the chocolate mousse and called chocolate pistachio brownie-

The chocolate lover bride would love this item, anything else in the world. To demonstrate, the chocolate pistachio brownie ice cream with a chocolate mousse and orange ice cream is further made more elegant by the addition of the pistachios. Just imagine the orange is flavor mixed with the chocolate one.

2. Ice cream, made in the ice cream cone and is fallen on the plate- 

The ice cream cone is constructed, filled with ice cream, and then this fancied up ice cream cone is deconstructed, thus reminding off the summer holidays of the popsicles (gola), iced candies and kulfi. the love marriage in which the bride is your high school sweet heart, or relishing the bridal shower moments, then this fallen ice cream cone would just set the mood. The rounded scoop of ice cream sprinkled with pistachio, with tapings of chocolate and the cream.

3. Chocolate mousse sphere with the curd of raspberry, coconut crumb toasted and rosemary salt- 

The raspberry, being the winter fruit, adds more warmth and décor in the smooth chocolate mousse. This palatable and lips macking ice cream is worth your wedding to please the guests with their unique tastes and desires.

4. Salted caramel with peanuts and pop corn ice cream on the chocolate pave- 

This pretty ice cream is really most amazing and the once more kinda ice cream.The guests can be seen licking their fingers with this unusual mouth watering combination dessert. No one would have tasted earlier this popcorn ice cream. 

5. Trifle- the coffee and the orange one- many desserts appear extra gorgeous, but taste wise they lack somewhere little bit. Similar is the case with this preparation. But it appears gorgeous, as well as better to eat even. This coffee and orange trifle brings a new age feel to wedding and rehearsal dinner catering and food- 

6. Mango with Custard and Spiced Nuts

To set the mood for your classy rehearsal dinner, this is plated to perfection and the chocolate mousse is perfect dessert for you.


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