Maharashtra Weddings Pre Wedding Rituals 

Every wedding accompanies some rituals and traditions, which are unique and interesting also. Similarly, Maharashtra wedding rituals are also unique as well as interesting. The weddings are filled with awesome fun and no frill can be seen there. The simplicity of the rituals makes them unique and the vibrant traditions which are carried out during the day times unlike other parts of India, where mostly night weddings are conducted. 

The astrology is considered as the major aspect in deciding the nuptial bond. If the horoscopes match perfectly, then an auspicious date is fixed for the wedding and other ceremonies.  A traditional Maharashtra wedding undergoes following set of rituals-

Pre wedding rituals in Maharashtra wedding- 

1. Sakhar puda- 

This is the first ritual and is engagement ceremony in Marathi. A Saree as well as packet of sweets , generally sugar are given to the to be bride by the groom family. Like in traditional engagement ceremonies, the rings too are exchanged and further the blessings of the elder are cherished. 

2.  The ritual of kelvan- 

The respective kuldevta which are called as ancestor’s deity are prayed by the family. All the relatives as well as the family members also join the prayer. A delicious lunch precedes the prayer ceremony.

3. Halad chadawat- 

As in other Indian weddings, haldi rasm is performed, without which the Indian weddings are considered as incomplete. Mango leaves are first immersed in the haldi (which is made in the form of the paste), then it is applied on the feet first, followed by entire body of the bride. Bridegroom also follows the same procedure. All family members along with the close relatives join this pious celebration.

4. Simant puja- 

This ritual is performed at the boundary of the bride’s house where the groom family is invited by the bride family and mother in law washes the feet of the groom, and her mother performs the pooja. Tilak is applied with kumkum and Aarti follows after that.

5. Choora- 

The choora is a set of red or white colored bangles which can only be removed by the bride one month after the wedding. What else, the friends and relatives are also presented by the bride mother with the bangles.


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