Maid Of Honor - A Lady with Wholesome Duties towards the Bride 

Maid Of Honor - A Lady with Wholesome Duties towards the Bride

Bridal charm is one of the most distinguished icons of the wedding function. She is really a beauty to behold! However, this fact also makes the bride much concerned for self-including her looks & persona on her great day. She seeks the reliable buffer of support from some trusted person on whom she could rely upon for her personal and emotional needs. This support could be had from a same age group lady who shares a close bonding or relation of intimacy with her. Her presence throughout the occasion allows the bride to eliminate the nervousness that could emerge anytime. This role has been ensured through the wedding etiquette of choosing a maid of honor. She takes up wholesome duties that are really integral to the bride on her day and also takes care of her in all means so that she does not feel lonely. What are the high duties that are taken up by the maid of honor? Here are the insights. 

A close ally to depend upon emotionally

This is the most significant of all the duties assigned to the maid of honor. She is the one whom the bride really trusts for all her needs that sometime could be complex and tricky. She may feel nervous many a times due to whole range of anticipations that all have from her. Moreover, she finds relief when her maid of honor finally compliments her about her bridal charm. For this reason, the closest of all the ladies is chosen for this role. She could be her sister or her friend. A bride who feels fully complemented with good emotional buffer naturally adores the best charm. 

Taking care of the wedding preparations like guests and shopping

Maid of honor is the commander in charge for the bride. She takes care of the wedding preparations on her part and these include whole sort of things and demands. Whether it is the preparation of the guest’s lists and sending those invites or it is the task of doing bridal shopping of whole diversity for the bride, all jobs require her support and counsels. She escorts the bride for the selection of the bridal gown, allied accessories and of course the jewelry. Her judgment is something that the bride surely trusts. 

Arranging the bridal shower and bachelor party for her 

Special bridal icons and etiquettes of the wedding occasion like the bachelor party for the bride are also taken care of by the maid of honor. She throws the hens party in the name of the bride and also arranges the bridal shower. These duties make her role as very dutiful and intricate and something that cannot be taken up by else. 

Leading and guiding the bridesmaids 

The maid of hour leads other bridesmaids and also guides them about how to carry and be the part of the occasion. 

Escorting the bride and holding her bouquet and pen during the ceremony 

She generally holds the bouquet of the bride and offers the pen when is participating in the wedding ceremony. 

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