Major emotions of the bride before and duriing her wedding week- explained in Gifs 

Wedding pomp show is the ocassion of sensitivity, where the traditions and culture don’t leave the heart untouched, rather they fill the heart of the bride with joy and unforeseen hapiness. What else, the desire to wear that princess like dresss, with traditional jewelery makes rthe bride most Happy. Apart from that the wedding day can be considered as the most hapieest day of the life, where the fairy tail like dream comes true. The love you get from your partner overwhelms you with a zeal to share with every one in the family and with the friends. You may worry out if you are bridechilla or bridezilla about the whole getting marry thing.

lets pen down some of the major expressions of you on the selected moments before wedding.. you confront a mixture of happy cum sad moments- lets have glance over that beautiful phenomenon of wedding..

1. Found the Dream lehenga- you rock, when you found your desired lehenga. This time you feel contented and love to wait for the moment of wearing it..

2. your mummy comes with her issue of wedding dress and the latest trends- this makes you emotional and keen to assist your sweet heart, your evergreen best friend- your mummy. You have watery eyes, when you feel that you would be leaving forever and would be residing in the paradise of your dream boy. 

3. you get mock at the time just one week before wedding when the blouse gets tight- you get worry and tend to arrange the tailor to get the perfect fit for your bride. 

4.  some doubts are generated about the boy and the wedding- its not inevitable to get doubts. The major doubts pertaining the concern of your hubby’s behaviour, in addition to the future behaviour expectations cum the real adjustments. The close friends and the family gets worried about even a very small issue. 

5. you get your manicure, pedicure and hair skin treatments done appropriately fit for that perfect bridal make up. Now this is the time you go for pre wedding shoot with your hubby and wait for the gorgeous mmoments of wedding.

6. When you’re learning your big dance routine and the steps are just a-okay

7. When you’ve given up on your vendors (How many times do I have to tell you birdcages need to be in gold!!!!)

8. you get upset when your boy doesnot appreciate your pre wedding like as pre mehandi and other pre pre outfits.

9.  when the photographer takes his sweet time with a pose..and you really love it..

10.  the bro or the closest of your comes to inform you about the confirmation of the tickets for your honeymoon to Bora Bora..

11. When #girlsquad is in sync 

12. your weighing machine depicts satisfactory reading ..seems like its in time for wedding week..

13. when the BFF spots another bride to buy the same lehenga as you have…this time you get extremely upset..

14. when you get the perfect wedding accessories and the bangles match exactly with your lehenga..

15. when you just comes to know about hubby’s girl friend who just visited the weddingg…this  leaves you astonished..that why did she visit there..?

16. when you are with your family and the mummy say you are my ladli beti and of course my jaan.. you come back to your gets lost in the memories..

17. when the hubby or your fiance gets annoyed with the family just for a very minor cause…this creates a big anxiety to get rid off from as early as possible.

18. everyone is crazy to know that how you lost your get that appreciation about the efforts that you pulled..

19.  you are humbly bragged by your close friends to dance on the stage,…

20. When drunk uncle cracks stupid marriage jokes…

21. you convince bae that décor budget is wayyy over budget..

22. But when bae convinces you that calling his EX is not a big deal…

23. when your dad asks for why sabyaschi lehanga

24. you are sitting in the room, perfectly ready for the wedding and your mummy brings everyone to the room..


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