Make Your Dream Special And Memorable By Guests And Everyone 

Make Your Dream Special And Memorable By Guests And Everyone

Weddings are as special as the moment of the togetherness of two bodies and one soul. But to make wedding special and unique there are several puzzle are joined perfectly to decorate the collage of your life. Also aspects like celebration, friends, family and guests make it more and more special. But to join these together to form a perfect picture is not an easy task as every aspect has its own lows and highs. But without any one missing also will make a spot left in your prefect dream wedding celebration. So it is very important to join them together by planning ahead and following proper strategy to make everything fun and memorable. Also celebration can be handled by professionals but to attend your wedding guests and fulfil their expectations is a job you have to handle even after hiring the best wedding planner you can ever have.

Formal invitations are important

So there will be a lot of expectations and wishes your wedding guests will be coming with. One of them will be a proper wedding invitation. As it is your wedding and maybe you just invited them verbally in the church last month. But if you don’t invite them formally with an invitation card and a box of sweets they might consider that you don’t want them at your wedding. So it is very important to have the cards printed and sweets packed. Once they get the formal wedding invitation they will be all set to enjoy and make your wedding more memorable.

Proper accommodation and greeting

The next expectation that every wedding guests will have is the proper salutation once they arrive at your wedding. Yes it might be your wedding and you just thought yourself as the king and queen but if you don’t talk to your guests properly and give them proper salutation they might even consider your busyness as rudeness. So just take some time out from your own wedding to make sure you greet them and you greet them well.

The next important expectation is the accommodation and care. Once the wedding guests arrive at your wedding make sure you give every guest proper beds and space to stay. Maybe your wedding is just a weekend show but if they don’t get to sleep well and space to make up well your wedding might end up zombies with swollen, puffed eyes and ridiculous face which might decorate your wedding album in wrong way and make their complaints the wedding music. 

Something for everyone

Also make sure you have something for everyone at your wedding as guests come in all size and age. So be planned and ready to make your wedding more interesting, memorable and enjoyable by having fun sides with milk and cookies and the grand celebration. Moreover also have a mixed dancing music on which appeals everyone and everyone enjoys and dances on. Also wedding guests will add more sparkle and shine to your wedding and you can frame all by keeping a wedding theme and acknowledging them before to make sure you celebrate your wedding just like you dreamt in your dreams. 


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