Make Your Honeymoon Lovely 

Make Your Honeymoon Lovely

It is your honeymoon and it is special. But sometimes sweets moments can be ruined by your sour attitude and some old habits. But still knowing some last minute tips will just make your day and your honeymoon. It is not that everyone is born perfect but practice will make you a pro and just nail your honeymoon best. And for some good you don’t have to read hose big boring books but smart and short tips about things to avoid in your honeymoon. Also the first thing to remember is that do know how to make love and romance with your partner if you don’t want to end divorce after your honeymoon. 

Don’t take your eyes off her

The first of tips for the man is always focusing on the lady with you, and avoid everyone else. Yes even if she is married to you don’t mean you now got right to peep and sneak those eyes on air hostess, the maid or the clumsy hot scrumptious belle. Just save all the romance for your lady who you are married to because she won’t like it sharing to the reception desk. Also avoid sticking to the TV because you and I both know that your wife will not appreciate those bees and birds or matches that are ruing her honeymoon ridiculously. So just take her out spend some time and make some love. Also know that all women are not like you freaking aunt who loves watching documentary with tickets of honeymoon.

Keep it clean

The next important thing to avoid is being smelly and dirty and unhygienic. Yes you never know when your lady is in the mood and those smelly socks and dirty finger nails will just make her you repellent. So be sure to maintain high standard cleanliness and just spar some expensive scents, comb your hairs and take regular shower. Also know that it is the responsibility of the men at honeymoon to book the hotels, know the maps and have the transport arranged. It wound not be very much pleasant to leave your girl standing on the forest road with sun setting down and you have no maps to look on.

It’s the ladies turn

Now the ladies turn. It is the wife’s duty on the honeymoon to take control of her husband and take his care. Also avoid your success attitude and know that you are not a MNC manager or the chief of police but his wife who has come to the honeymoon to start their marriage with love and romance. Also the next thing to avoid at honeymoon is talking, crying and nagging about your past relationships and you ex-boyfriend. Realize that you are on your honeymoon and you present is with you to make a beautiful future so never ever let go of a chance to show love and just enjoy the moment. The next to avoid at honeymoon is to be your husband’s mother. Just stop torturing about his dirty socks as you don’t need them in your honeymoon and just focus on romance and love.


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