Make Your Second Marriage Work 

Make Your Second Marriage Work

Weddings are always very special and unique for everyone, be it second wedding or first. But weddings are also those life altering decisions that it requires a lot of thought process and analysis. Especially second marriage should not be decided in just a whim. Also couples must be prepared for it and it’s after affects. There should be strategies and plans that you should decide that will make your second marriage work and avoid any previous situations like re-divorce and relationship failure. Also it is a completely different situation if you have kids from your first marriage. So be prepared and be confident about your decision and take it seriously. 

Let past be your teacher

Think about the faults and flaws of your first wedding and work on them to avoid them in your second marriage. Also if you have kids then they should be informed about your second wedding and try to understand their point of view. Also make sure they understand that they are not losing a parent but getting one more. Make sure they are happy and happily participate in your remarrying decision. You should also openly communicate with your new spouse about them and then let them decide the rest. Also know that your new spouse is ready to accept as the part of the new family. Also make sure you and your new partner are close and intimate to each other. With this you should have strong bonding of understanding, respect, love, commitment and some space also. 

Live in today and plan tomorrow

Erase and get over your past. When you consider remarrying in option know that you have to let your past go. Also you need to focus what is coming and your present. Clinging to your past can affect your second marriage and happiness of this new relationship. So take your time and then consider second wedding once you are ready to start afresh. So don’t be in any hurry for the wedding, know your partner well analyze the compatibility of the relationship and once you become sure of this go further. Also it is very important to be honest and share everything that is needed for trust and avoid communication gap in between.

Communicate more and more

Also make sure you discuss your priority and family issues before. Issues like where will we live after this second wedding, will children be with us and who is going to finance them and handle them, will both of us continue working or not, who’s responsible for what household chores, should be discussed and planned to avoid the mistakes of previous wedding. Also try to build the trust and relationship between your new spouse and children by making sure they communicate and spend time. Give time between and give time to each other. Avoid the attitude and mistakes of first marriage that can ruin your second marriage also. Accept things as they are and respect each other’s individuality and privacy. Also know that remarrying is all about love, trust, respect and understanding so work on these issues and make your decision of second marriage worth a good life.


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