Make Your Wedding Gifts More Memorable With Laser Cut Boxes 

Make Your Wedding Gifts More Memorable With Laser Cut Boxes

If you are in the planning phase of your wedding you always want to know the best and latest trends in everything. From latest trousseau packing to finalizing wedding favors all of it needs a lot of research and time. So to your rescue comes service providers like gift packing services provider in Lucknow | ShubhSaugat. They have many happy customers when it comes to the variety they offer in gift boxes in Lucknow and also for their innovative trousseau packing designs. When it comes to gift boxes laser cut boxes for trousseau and gift packing is one such latest trend which can add elegance to your wedding. They are excellent for wedding trousseau packing as well as for wedding favors packing. Given below are some types of laser cut boxes which will surely solve all your gift packing needs while adding more class to your gifts.


1. Laser Cut Boxes for Invitation Cards and Gifts

Gift Boxes in Lucknow

Laser cut wedding invitation card cum sweets, gift or chocolates box has its own timeless appeal. It can be customized as per the theme and looks very ethnic too.  Even laser cut slide boxes can be used for making your traditional wedding scroll roll card look outstanding. They come in extraordinary designs and colors and look really gorgeous too.


2. Laser Cut Boxes for Trousseau Packing

Gift Boxes in Lucknow

  • Suitcase style laser cut boxes, wooden MDF boxes,
  • Decoupage handmade boxes with laser cut lids,
  • Wedding treasure boxes,
  • Laser cut wooden chests etc.  

All these are used by Trousseau packing trays in Lucknow ShubhSaugat for trousseau packing. They will make your trousseau look like a real treasure. Laser cut boxes can be used from packing clothes, bangles, cosmetics, gifts, to even jewellery. They have intricate designs to give everything a fabulous look. They can even be customized with color and can be engraved too to make your memorable day memorable forever. Beautiful ring boxes in laser cut designs are also very in, like beautiful ring rose box at Shubh Saugat


3. Laser Cut Boxes for Wedding Favors

Laser Cut Paper Boxes

Wedding favors are no more limited to typical sweets.People have replaced sweets with other unique Indian wedding favors like chocolates, perfumes, tea and biscotti, handmade soaps, scented candles, tea light holders etc. Wedding favor packing with laser cut boxes really makes your guest delightful. This is the reason they are replacing other type of packing. There is a huge variety available like

  • Classic laser cut pillow gift boxes with intricate lace patterns,
  • Laser cut paper sliding boxes,
  • Delicate lace design laser cut boxes,
  • Laser cut paper boxes showcasing your love and romance in their exquisitely detailed couple design on the box tied with a ribbon.

Service providers like Shubh Saugat also provide beautiful cocktail and mock tail bottle packing laser gift boxes too.


Laser boxes are becoming a rage as they make gifts look really chic and expensive plus the size, color and designs can be customized as per the requirement. It gives a neat, organized, coordinated, beautiful yet traditional look to your trousseau and gifts.


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