Marriage Astrology in Tamil by Date of Birth 

Marriage Astrology in Tamil by Date of Birth

In India, match making through astrology is given great importance by the families of the bride and groom before fixing up their marriage. Astrology is also used to decide the important dates and time of performing the various marriage ceremonies. Use of astrology in India, dates back to approximately 2000 years where our ancestors used to make predictions between the matches of bride and groom after making their horoscopes. Their derivations and findings were based on Vedas and the positions of the nine “grah” or planets. These nine planets in astrology are referred to as Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. 

Origin of the Concept of Match Making

Marriage in India is considered as a very pious and sacred ceremony which binds the bride and the groom in a solemn bond. Therefore great cares is taken by the family of the bride and groom to ensure that the wedlock results in a good, happy and healthy relationship for both of them. The ancient astrologers of India brought in the method of match making to assess the marital compatibility of the two. The horoscopes or “kundlis” of the bride and groom are studied by a learned and experienced astrologer and matching is carried out by the Koota Agreement which is based on the date of birth of the bride and the groom. The ancient astrologers recommended to match the 20 kootas of the boy and the girl. However, as per marriage astrology in Tamil out of these 20 kootas only 10 are considered for the match making. These are referred to as “Das Porutham” in Tamil astrology.

About the 10 Poruthams

The Indian Astrology states that there are twenty eight stars or “Nakshatras” present in an oval which is called the zodiac. This zodiac is transited about the nine planets or “Navagrahas”. It is believed that this heavenly constitution influences the human beings. The position of these stars at the time of the birth of the bride and the groom are examined as per the Kootas Agreement. Every individual koota is considered to play a unique role in the life of the human beings.
Tamil Astrological Match Making 

Each koota has been assigned certain number of points by the astrologers. The Tamil match making is carried out by summing up the points of each of the matching kootas of the boy and the girl. The match between the boy and the girl is considered to be ideal for marriage only if more than fifty percent of the points are matched in their horoscopes. 

These days match making calculators are available for free online where the match making is done by rashi or zodiac and the nakshatram along with dosha samyam and the results are presented in a match making chart describing porutham in detail. The date of birth and the time of birth are among the fields which need to be filled in order to carry out the calculations.

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