Marriage Communication Problems 

Marriage Communication Problems

The foundation for every successful marriage is good communication. If only every couple was able to improve their communication skills between each other, there would be a far lesser number of divorces happening in the world.  Good communication skills are not very hard to learn and when it comes to personal relationships, there are very few simple points which one needs to keep in mind, and automatically, the communication between the spouses would improve. However, while most of the people would be ready to spend hundreds of dollars in learning the best form of communication in their professional life, they would not be ready to make any effort to improve their communication skills at home. 

Below are the three bog communication mistakes which, when made in a marriage, they can mean the end of the relationship. Therefore, make sure that you avoid making these mistakes when communicating with your partner


No person is perfect and there are bound to be times when your partner would end up doing something or saying something that would make you really angry. Getting angry at the mistakes of your partner is not the problem, and this anger will not spoil your relationship, but it is the yelling that you do in order to express this anger of yours that causes all the problems between you and your partner. If only, instead of yelling, you would choose the option of making your partner sit down and quietly explaining him or her their mistake, the whole situation would get dissolved in a more amicable manner.  Besides this, when you yell at another person, more often than not, that person does not even care to listen to you and therefore the question of him or her understanding what your problem is does not even arise. 

Choosing the Wrong Language

Another big mistake that people make in their communication with their partners is that they do not think before talking and end up using all the wrong words and languages for communicating their point.  While it is important that you openly express your emotions, to your partner, it is equally important that you express them using the right words. When phrase your sentences wrong or use bad language, you usually end up offending the other person, who then stops caring for your emotions. Thus, if you want your partner to understand your feelings, you need to make sure that you communicate in a manner, which does not hurt his or her feelings. 

Do Not Compete

When couples get into an argument, the problem escalates, simply because neither of the partners is ready to back down. A sort of a power tussle breaks out between both the partners and they start competing with each other, by both of them trying to pull the other person down. This sort of a competition between a husband and wife can only lead to destruction of their relationship. During such arguments, it is important, that at least one of the partner, acts in a more mature manner and backs down for the moment and allows things to cool down. Once the tempers have gone down, the discussion can be done again, in a more logical manner and not with a competitive perspective. 


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