Marriage Is Beneficial For Life 

Marriage Is Beneficial For Life

Weddings are not only special for a person individually, but it’s a commitment for their family and love towards each other. It’s a legalize ceremony where not only two people swear vows but two cultures join each other to simplify their lives and create their own home. It’s a way to endure and take a relationship to level; it can get more nourished and pampered. Moreover love being the most important unit in any life often needs a valid bond of relationship to exist. No matter how strong a person is, everyone needs a shoulder to rely on. The most important reasons to get married are that it is duly linked to health and economic benefits which promises to secure your future, tend to have a better physical health, circulation of psychological thoughts and removal of depression and a lower mortality risk.   

What weddings gift:     

Marriage not only connects two people, but also creates a new home in the world. They start building their dreams together. They weave their world of happiness to share to enjoy life. The whole purpose of selfishness of me changes to “us”. A new family starts to grow and nurture as this commitment fills their lives. The whole world on one side and family on other. Weddings gifts us most precious and valuable treasure-family. Getting married gifts us a family we can rely on and lean on. The auto fuel for our lives, on which we can survive, a family.

Not only this, the structure of brick and cement turns home from house. A cosy place we love. Good or bad, nothing is as protective and comfortable as our home. Marriage gifts us this one most important utility of our lives that reshapes the future for good.

Marriage and Society:

The reasons to get married are that it ensures to build the social as well as economic platform for garnishing the family needs. Getting married changes the life style of two individuals, wife and husband, makes them work on the principle of ethics and habits in a way for personal as well as social satisfaction. Wedding is a seed to the tree of sweet fruits. Marriage makes a man responsible which lowers the risk of violence, cohabiting and dating relationship. It makes them free from criminal activities as it makes them realize of someone important in life and thus making them less vulnerable and prone to serious emotional illness, depression and imparts a new reason to start and live with. It encourages the positive attitude and the probability greater success in future. 
Advantage of getting married:

  • Sexual satisfaction: Marriage promises better and safer sex. Married sexual relationships are more sophisticated and healthy, and too lower the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, because of regular and stable sex. After years of relationship, it opens up to your companion about your sexual fantasies and dream desires and you get whatever you want without any hesitation and fear.

  • Mate to grow old with: You will get older even when you are single but when your hairs turn grey, wrinkled skin, and then you realize the importance of someone who would care for you, love you up till your end and embellish the memories of fun, excitement and enjoyment.  


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