Mehandi Is a Part of Marriage Ceremony  

Mehandi Is a Part of Marriage Ceremony

Wedding is very special and so are its various rituals. One of the famous rituals in India, Pakistan and other eastern countries is to apply Henna or mehandi on bridals hands, legs and body in fashionable designs. Basically mehandi is obtained from leaves of a plant and it leaves yellowish red color at first which darkens to deep brown and then black. It is also applied in different festivals and occasions but it has different importance on auspicious occasions like marriages. Bridal mehandi is applied in various designs and shapes on hands of bride.

How is mehandi applied?

The first step is to look for someone who can apply mehandi art beautifully and clearly. Because sometimes mehandi designs are complex and compact approach someone with good practice. Mehandi is also very affordable and creative way to beautify bride’s charm. During its application it should be carefully applied and holded until it dries and sheds down. Also care should be taken so that it does not smudge around. Once it dries lemon and sugar syrup is applied for darker shades along with different oils for less troublesome shedding. It should be removed carefully and water is avoided for a while as it can affect its shade. It is also applied in form of body art and temporary tattoo as it fades after some days.

Other benefits of mehandi

There are various arts and forms in which mehandi can be applied. Before it was applied through thin sticks but in modern ways as today there are cones available for better application and ease. Mehandi is also considered as an ornament for brides and is very important part of the makeup. Also it can be applied in various awestruck mehandi designs that make it more attractive. Moreover mehandi also has various medical benefits that make it more useful for us today. Applied on any body part it smoothens and calms the area. It also has cooling effect on skin. It is also sometimes used to dye hairs giving an orange or reddish brown color and also used as nail color. It nourishes and conditions the hair and promotes hair growth.

Different designs of bridal mehandi

Coming to various mehandi designs, there are infinite designs that can be used to apply bridal mehandi. It can be applied in geometrical contrast and in various natural serene designs. There can different shapes and patterns which human creative mind can think of. Basically mehandi for brides are applied in more traditional designs with names of their fiancée hidden somewhere. There are also various Arabic mehandi designs where they are applied in pot or winged designs with bolded boundaries and lines filled in contrast. Also it is not very compact or complex but design’s view is very beautiful and eye-catching. Then there are traditional mehandi art making peacocks and outlining them and filling various types of slanting, zigzag and curled lined and dots inside. Also there are saroski designs applied that creates a different fusion of designs and is very beautiful. Then there are chopper designs which are filled in with shapes with broad boundaries and lines that include floral and other figures broaden. 


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