Mehendi Ceremony and Divgun Ceremony in Kashmiri Marriage 

Mehendi Ceremony and Divgun Ceremony in Kashmiri Marriage

Kashmiri marriage has over the past never changed in their traditions and customs, though the marriage alliance has gone into the technology driven aspect of choosing boy and girl through Kashmiri matrimonial. But the customs and tradition in a Kashmiri marriage remains the same. Ceremony like divgun, Jeevansathi, mehendi, Maenziraat are the common ceremony and are followed still date. 

Kashmiri matrimony is the best sort out place for choosing brides and groom

Kashmiri matrimony is the well sort place for people in Kashmir people to scout for brides and groom. The online portals of Kashmiri matrimonial give lots and lots of options to people on choosing the best girl and boy. Besides the basic information on bride and groom the Kashmiri matrimony also give other information like horoscope. 

Ceremony on divgun is the most important one in Kashmiri wedding

The divgun in a Kashmiri wedding is the ceremony where the bride and the groom pay their tribute to the lord Shiva and Parvati. In Kashmiri tradition it is believed that the marriage is incomplete if the divgun ceremony is not undertaken. The beauty about this ceremony is that the family of both the bride and the groom do it individually in their own home. The ceremony is considered to be so scared that the entire family undertakes a fast to show their involvement to the tradition and then do the divgun ceremony. They pay tribute to the goddess Shiva and Parvati in front of the scared fire such that the goddess gives them the blessing. The other important feature of this ceremony is that the boy and the girl who are going to get married will be given a bath with holy mixture of items. The bath will take place in their respective houses and the bath with happen in the mixture of curd, rice, water and milk. 

It is after this pooja ceremony that the girl


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