Mehendi Designs for the Minimalists (Minimalistic Brides) with the Oodles of the Styles 

Mehendi Designs for the Minimalists (Minimalistic Brides) with the Oodles of the Styles

Mehendi forms the part and parcel of traditional Indian weddings. No marriage is thought to be without the mehendi celebration. Infect, weddings are incomplete without it. There are numerous brides, who do think of the complicated mehendi designs, to be extra careful about the same and oh..! The smell…

The aforementioned problems of the Indian brides are solved with the help of extremely simpler, yet the sophisticated lines of the flowery or some trendy designs. Let’s have the glance on the same-

1. Lovely Rajasthani designs- the floral mehendi patterns-

Well, a neat line of flowery design, that originate from the wrist and continues uptill the palm of the hand, is the best minimalistic design and the grace, that it lures is specially attracts those, who are lover of flowers. Who love to keep them, anyways.

2. Back hand flower designs- 

The henna, applied in the form of cute floral design appears like a tattoo and ensures the gorgeous appearance, specially looks lovely on the young bride.

3. Side of the hand with the floral design- 

It’s really so pretty that the floral line of mehendi design starts from the side of the hand and extends there too.

4.  Rajasthani floral feet design- 

Just think of a mehendi design, where the side of the feet is beautifully engraved, rather applied with the henna and the flowery design at the side provides the best minimalistic appearance.

5. Jewelry like design- 

The henna, when applied in the form of the beaded styled jewelry, appears extra gorgeous, just like jewelry and for the same reason it ensures the minimalistic appearance too.

6. Arabic simple henna style- 

The Arabian style mehendi designs ensure the simplicity as well as the modernity. The stylish henna appears like as the perfect epitome of the minimalistic style.

7. The simpler piping design for the feet- 

This design always appears gorgeous- the simpler and the stylish one.The simple piping design for the feet.

8. The floral design- sweet and simple- 

To skip the complicated things and to not have the whole intricate pattern, this one is the best one.

9. Floral Detail

Dense and intricate yet simple at the same time. This design is perfect for the brides and girls who want to keep it simple yet stick to tradition.

10. .Elegant and minimal design- 

Skip the whole hand and just have the floral design in the centre of the palm. Perfect for the kids.

11. Arabic Tribal Henna

Elegant and gorgeous, Delicate and dainty

15. Simple Foot Design


16. Delicate Designs for the Minimalist

17. Finger henna Tattoos-

The henna is applied just on the fingers of the hands. Just imagine the design and the minimalistic feature of the same.


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