Mehendi Types - The Bride Can Choose From in Her Shaadi 

Mehendi Types - The Bride Can Choose From in Her Shaadi

Mehendi designs that are usually seen are applied in the full length of arms and legs. The common way of applying and drying mehendi is quite tedious and exhaustive procedure. There are lots of alternatives available for the brides who do not like to have the full arm mehendi. The reasons are not in scarce- it could be due to repulsive smell or just not being fond of mehendi. Some brides are hypersensitive for it, they undergo serious allergic reactions. Here, we at wedding doers provide you with the list of common options for you which can really make you the happy.

Scroll down for simple mehendi design- 

1. A single kali-
the single kali design is otherwise easy to get on the hand and the back side mehendi that ends up on the wrist.

2. Mehandi jewelry-mehendi designs as the jewellery are most unique and interesting. Most of the bride can have theses designs.

3. Lace glove heena- this is actually the newer trend of mehendi designs and it is so gorgeous and is the prettiest idea ever. Just scroll for the Google designs and find the lace glove henna designs.

4. Arabian inspired mehendi- the most outstanding and worthy of the appreciation designs include- the Arabian mehendi designs.

5. Exactly same design at hand and at leg- the simpler approach may include the designs which are appearing exactly similar and the hand and the leg looks like the pair.

6. Just simple circular design in the centre- there can be ample of the designs beside the simple circle. All it relies upon your creativity.

7. Mehendi as just boarders- this design also stands out among the other designs. So instead of filling up the whole hand, you can choose to get the only boarder kind of the mehendi.

8. Mehendi with lots of empty spaces in between- the brides, which are willing of having the lesser mehendi, find this piece of design more and more are the other gorgeous kind of it

9. Flower Jaali Mehendi- Jaali Mehendis look so elegant and fresh! This floral one is uber cute!

10. White henna mehandi- the gorgeous mehendi design in white colour is never seen. It’s actually a newer design and is in vogue now days.


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