Men Have Problem Dating Smarter Women 

Men Have Problem Dating Smarter Women

If you ever ask a man, whether he prefer would prefer his life partner to be prettier or smarter, you would invariably always get a reply where they would say that they prefer smarter women. However, when we analyse the behaviour of these men in the real world, we find that men tend to be extremely insecure about women who are smarter than themselves and always opt for the blondes over the ones with the brains. This insecurity in men is the direct result of their bloated egos, which in turn is the result of the orthodox thinking of our society, which continues to believe that in a man woman relationship, it is the man who should be in control and in charge. 

Threat To Their Masculinity

The biggest problem that men have in dating women who are at par or even superior to them in intellect is that they immediately start to feel that their masculinity is being questioned. They know that an intelligent woman would never follow them around blindly, but would think every situation through and take practical decisions of her own, which may or not be the same as those of these men. Men do not like being questioned and therefore, they prefer to date women who are not as smart as them and therefore, are much easier for these men to control and manipulate.  

Society Makes Men Think They Are Always Right

There is no doubt or question about the fact that our society and its thinking have come a long way, and women today are being given the freedom to think of themselves as equal to men and have their own dreams and career goals. However, in spite of having given women the right to prove themselves equal to men in every aspect, our society still continues to tell men that they are superior to women and at the end of the day, it is their duty to be in charge of their relationship with any women. As a result of this, when these men find themselves in the company of nay woman, who is independent, strong, confident and capable of taking control of her own life and manage her relationships, these men are not able to deal with such women or handle relationships with such strong women. 

Difference Between Dreams And Realities

There are many men who claim that they want a life partner who is smart, intelligent and capable to being an equal partner in the relationship. When these men make these claims, while some of them lie, many of them actually dream and wish for such a partner as they feel that they are themselves matured enough to handle such a relationship and together with an equally capable partner, they would be able to make a great life for themselves. However, when reality strikes, most of these men are unable to handle their own egos and end up messing up their relationships with smart women. 

However, this does not mean that every man is the same and none of them can ever be in a successful relationship with smarter women. There are many instances where men have dated and eventually married women who were smarter and more successful than them, and are now living happily together. 


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