Minerals and Traditional Make Up Techniques for The Brides 

Minerals and Traditional Make Up Techniques for The Brides

Wedding day is the occasion, when the bride want to appear flawless than any other days of the life. This is actually the most awaited kind of the occasion, where no compromise on behalf of the wedding attire and make up is even thought of. The wedding occasion ensures that the elegance and the appearance at its zenith and the brides always go for the booking of best makeup artists. 

Undeniably, all brides want to appear fabulous and flawless. No bride would have ever said that –“I shall apply no makeup on my wedding day ever.”   Its rather mandatory too to appear gorgeously traditional cum modern to celebrate your day in the most beautiful way. Moreover, It’s extremely mandatory to have sound knowledge of the kind of and the medium and the brands you are going to be used for the makeup.

The requirement of the assistance for the wedding make up is always desired and one cannot deny the requirement of the professionals, trained in the airbrush, or other traditional techniques. 

To identify the kind of the makeup technique, let’s go through this easy peasy and most informative post that would reveal you the identification with the makeup jargon.

Traditional Makeup

Well, as the name pertains, the traditional make up is the most versatile kind of all makeup mediums available. In this kind of the medium, pressed powders, pancake, liquid and cream are picked for the right shade and are played with an assortment of colors to complete your bridal appearance. 

Method to use it- 

The appearance of the bride is enhanced many multifold by using brushes, sponges and the fingers. It seems quite similar to the way an artist draws a picture and then paints it.

Pros of using traditional make up- 

1. Firstly, traditional make up is the general and the safe option to go for and is not more lasting, as it lasts for good long hours. 

2. The ingredients protect the skin against the damaging ultra violet rays. 

3. The suitability to a variety of the skin types, coupled with the easy control makes it a perfect kind of the makeup technique. The cost too is generally less and does not burden your pocket. 

Cons of using it- the skin pores or imperfections are not effectively concealed. This technique requires heavy touch ups.

Mineral Makeup technique

The awareness about the environment and the becoming more of the health conscious, mineral make up is the preferred choice for the people who prefer to go with the green – the eco friendly options. The natural minerals like as iron oxides, talc, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are micronized or ground and milled to form fine powders, which can be utilized for applying on the face. 

Mineral makeup can be applied using a brush, as well as a sponge to create a smoother and matte finish on your skin. Most lines of mineral makeup are primers or foundations used to set the natural base of your face.

The realities of the mineral make up- 

Healthy option, as it involves use of organic products

• Light as air, preservative-free and fragrance-free

• Creates a pearly finish

• Not suitable for brides suffering from acne or undergoing facial treatments

• Not camera-friendly, as on photographs skin with mineral makeup look distinctly lighter and brighter than any other part of the body

• With limited range of natural shades available, it’s difficult to find a skin tone match. 

• Great choice for daily wear


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