Minimalism - The Most Beautiful Trend, A Stylish Splash by Minimalistic Brides 

Minimalism - The Most Beautiful Trend, A Stylish Splash by Minimalistic Brides

In the fashion buzz world, being minimalistic is the biggest oxymoron. It’s actually making the place in bridal space too. Minimalistic brides exhibit the phenomenon of minimalism.  It’s actually a newer trend which is followed by the Indian brides now-a-days. The minimalism provides the bride with tasteful elegance in place of the overstated boldness. No one can deny falling in love with the minimalistic collections. 

The contemporary brides are adopting these trends with grace and panache. The pre wedding functions and ensembles are mostly attended by the bride with minimalistic approach. 

The western brides are often seen in minimalistic approach; similarly the Indian brides too are adopting the same trend. How do the Indian brides nail the minimalistic trend, there are numerous designers to elaborate about the same. Let’s ponder these important discussions- 

1. Dazzling, the blend for style- 

The prime idea here is to mixing it up. The graceful appearance sill ensures. Minimalistic subtlety when blended with the dazzle provides best of the style statement. When the jazzy lehenga is teamed with the subtle choli or a dupatta is opted which otherwise engraves a heavy embroidery is in vogue now –a-days. The sharaaras are too becoming the popular choice for them. 

The perfect epitomes of this kind include- plain high waist lehengas, sari gowns, kurtis and jackets teamed with jackets. Etc. these are some of the minimalistic traditional choices that make you stand out of the crowd. Many other fashions are making entry into the Indian bridal fashions, like as off shoulder gowns. 

2. Highlight your style with colors- 

What colour you think, when it comes about the wedding occasions? The red, pink or similar shades usually. The actual trend has now shifted to some other vibrant but glamorous colors, like as mauve, blush, light teal, light mint, ice blue etc. the bridal ensembles and mehendi celebrations are back with these colors in minimalistic styles. The ombers are becoming big time come back in bridal fashion, being the most vibrant, without being the glamorous.

3.  Add on to the style with minimalistic jewellery and versatility-

The heavy jewelry with heavy attires is obsolete now-a-days. Still, the more of traditional values lend it happen, and still are common on the wedding days. So chunky jewelry is not the mantra anymore. The main aspect of these light pieces of jewelry benefits its wearing even after the wedding as a reminder of love and blessings showered on them. The brides opt for the classic pieces more now-a-days to embrace the sober and modern values.

4. Natural styling for that elegant look

The classic updos are quite common for pixie looks at outdoor wedding. Even the fresh and effortless makeup styles are dominating with rose glows becoming more common. 


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