Mistakes Not To Commit With Your Wedding Accessories 

Mistakes Not To Commit With Your Wedding Accessories

When it comes to wedding accessories, the modern bride has a lot of choice. Preparing the finishing touches to the chosen dress is a lot fun, excitement and also a careful activity to plan. Any mistake can be costly and also painful. It can natural that many bridal partied underestimate the power of these wedding accessories and may land up getting them wrong so, it is always advisable to follow some guidelines while you choose the bridal wedding accessories.

Don’t bling it unnecessarily

Choose the wedding dress first and then the wedding accessories as the dress set the tone for the whole look. If the dress is shiny, sparkling diamond set as a matching may be overkill. If the dress has got pearls, then the matching necklace should be subtle and enhancing the whole looks for the marriage.

Add a personal touch

It has also happen that your jewellery box may have a family heirloom so as to follow the family tradition or custom. The particular jewellery piece may be a symbolism of the family tradition which is expected to be continued by every generation. In this case, it is not of importance if this accessory is old or new, but the value it carries is of great importance.

The perfect headwear

The headwear should be a perfect complement for the wedding dress. The most common choices are tiaras, jewelled headband, combs, pins, flowers etc. Depending on the dress, the tiara can be a match or overkill if it is weighty. If a friend or a closed family member has a luxury option, it is a very good idea to have a borrowed one for the occasion.

Match the skin tone

Choosing the colours should be in relation to your skin tone. Even the obvious choices of gold and silver depend on the skin tone of the bride. If the decision is to sport some bold or pop colours, it is a carful decision based on the skin tone colour – fair or brown or olive or dark.

Valuable advice for the right look

Some useful tips for getting the right look and in the budget are –

  • Follow the celebrity and A-list VIP marriages. Many valuable dressing, venue décor, food menu and other ideas can be used

  • Done get limited with the obvious choices of gold and silver for the accessories. Adding some bold colours like blue can be considered to liven up the neutral colours

  • These ideas can be tweaked to suit the budget for your marriage and identify affordable wedding accessories

  • Do not deviate too much from the general or usual style. It may not suit you. Your wardrobe and jewellery box provide the right direction

  • Ensure the right accessories are arranged as per the climate of your wedding day. A fur shrug for a winter wedding or an umbrella for a summer wedding are the valuable accessories not to miss

  • Abundant choices of online wedding accessories are available and can be tried. This is especially useful if your city doesn’t have many choices. Also, they can be returned if they done suit you.


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