Modern Brides Setting New Style Trends For Chura And Kaleri Designs  

Modern Brides Setting New Style Trends For Chura And Kaleri Designs

The Indian wedding ceremonies are probably the grandest wedding celebrations that happen anywhere in the world. Besides the main wedding function, there are so any other small ceremonies and poojas that happen before and after the wedding, the normally a typical Indian wedding would last for almost a week. Each and every ceremony that takes place during this wedding has its own traditional significance and emotional value, and hence, every ceremony is celebrated with a lot of aplomb. One such ceremony is that of making the bride wear her bridal Chura along with Kaleri. 


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A chura is a set of 21 wedding bangles given to the bride by her maternal uncles. These bangles are supposed to bring good luck for the bride in her new married life. They also form an important part of the wedding accessories for bride. The kaleri attached to the chura represents love and happiness for the couple. These Kaleris are supposed to be a reminder for the bride of her friends and loved ones whom she would be leaving behind. There is also a fun ceremony that is performed with these Kaleris. The bride shakes them on top of the head of all her unmarried cousins and friends, and if a part of the kaleri falls on any girl, it signifies that she would be the next one to get married. 

Both the Chura and the Kaleri are an important traditional part of Indian weddings, and a traditional chura would be red or maroon in color, while the kaleri are golden or silver in color. However, while retaining the traditional and emotional significance of this ceremony, the modern brides are experimenting with the designs of their chura and kaleri, in order to match them with their specially designed wedding outfits and the theme of their wedding. 


New Trends For Chura

New Trends For Chura

Here are a few trends that are becoming extremely popular among the today’s bride when buying their wedding Chura:

-    The name of the bride and the groom are inscribed on these bangles for the world to see.

-    The Chura is added with a lot of glamour and glitter by adorning it with kundan stones.

-    If you have a theme for your wedding, like peacock theme, lamps, etc., you can get the same designs engraved on your Chura to match it with the theme of your wedding. 

-    There is no need to stick to the traditional red and maroon colors, now match the color style, design as well as the quality of bangles in your wedding chura with the look and design of your wedding lehnga. 

-    Add gold and colored stone bangles in your Chura set to make it prettier. 


New Trends For Kaleri

New Trends For Kaleri

Just like the Chura, the Kaleri designs have also been revamped for the modern brides:

-    For brides who like a minimal look, try the single string Kaleri. 

-    For brides looking for more artistic kaleri, opt for the kaleri made with tassels and given a contemporary twist. 

-    If you want to really make a style statement with your Kaleri, go in for the jhumki style Kaleri which are in a bell shape and have 3 Swarovski tiers. Instead in increasing the number of bangles in your chura, go in for a single bangle with a huge pearl Chandelier Kaleri. 

-    Traditional brides can go in for the Ghungharoo kaleri

Besides the above, there are numerous other styles and designs available like gota Kaleri, pom pom Kaleri, charm bracelet inspired Kaleri, etc. 


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