Modern Favors For The Bride-Specially for Mehendi, Under Just Rupees 3-4 Hundred 

Modern Favors For The Bride-Specially for Mehendi, Under Just Rupees 3-4 Hundred

The boring gifts of any kind that you just through either, or you feel not to use them, then you need fabulous options to choose to give your friends. The traditional mehendi designs are always gorgeous, regardless of how old the design is!!! The mehendi gifts which can indeed add charm to your celebration are being elaborated here -

1. Coasters, digital printed and customizable- the super gorgeous customizable coasters that carry the logo or you can print your wedding logo on it.  This is the most affordable way of how you give these wedding gifts to your friends in most elegant way. Each coaster may be costing you around less than hundred rupees even. 

2. Earrings and tikka, made of gotta- the adorable gotta rings and maang tikka prove to be the elegant gifts that you can give them. The cocktail rings are further very elegant and are in the budget. One piece may cost you around just few of the hundreds, like as 200-300 rs per piece.

3. Printed phone covers, specially, mehendi inspired- I think not even a single person would be of the kind not to like the elegant phone covers. The pretty printed back, along with the leather straps are totes up our alley. These chick ones are the best gifts, which come under the affordable price of just few hundred rupees.

4. The diffusers- the oils, filled with the diffusers, are indeed the best option for the ones, liking the aroma therapy. You can give the girls these gifts, where the nice oil aroma, along with the diffuser sticks or the scented sticks in the bottle give their sweet fragrance. Soul flowers have many cute ones and they indeed are well priced. One may cost just less than few hundreds.

5. Bib necklace of gotta patti- the gotta, finding its useful place in jewellery or jhoomers, even decoration can be utilized in the chokers or bib necklaces. These cute things are in with the choker trend and will happily sit on their shelf for a while reminiscing the good times at your mehendi. You just DIY them with your favorite gota boarder. These bibs can be customized from the jewellery stores.

6. Appreciable designer boxes- the common one includes- the one with butter fly designs or the different one. These adorable and cute paper boxes are extremely useful and can hold anything you desire.  The negligible price of under just 35 -40 rs would be sufficient for getting the single cute box. You can buy from a variety of the places.

7. Earrings (tassel earrings) – the adorable turquoise and gold tassel earrings can be found easily and the price goes under few hundred only. 

8. Attractive lipstick holders-   not only does the lipstick holders, but also the lipstick purse are quite common and attractive gifts that can be found anywhere like on the vanity stores or Amazon too.

9. Twisty dupattas- buy these super fabulous dupattas from the local fabric shop and can be the best addion to the mehendi party. The price may go around just 3-4 hundred rupees per dupatta.


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