Most Attractive Ways to Serve Doughnuts at Wedding 

Most Attractive Ways to Serve Doughnuts at Wedding

The last decade has seen several changes in wedding food trends from cupcakes, chocolate fountains to doughnuts. The doughnuts are versatile as they can be presented as dessert or can accompany every type of treat. Doughnuts can take place of the wedding cake if they are stacked in an artful manner.

Doughnut Cake Tower:

The doughnuts made by designers or gourmets are considered trendy as wedding desserts presently. They are taking place of the traditional wedding cake as many couples chose a doughnut cake tower. Several couples serve them on the decadent dessert table for the out station guests. The menus of the bakeries are including gourmet doughnuts having the colorful glazes and tangy flavor combinations. The colorful lollipops of the doughnut holes are popular. Doughnuts were once considered only for tea time snack, but now they are included in the marriage special sweet in the wedding.  The stacked tower of donut is as elegant as the dessert display. It also has the playfulness of a flavorful sweet which no one can turn down. There are various other options including setting up doughnuts as the only spread of dessert table. Further, a surprise midnight snack can be brought out in the form of doughnuts. Also, a brunch can be planned at wedding in which the donut cake could be center of attraction.

Donut Dessert Bar for the Wedding Guests:

The dessert tables which are full of doughnuts can be spread out for the wedding guests. There could be several toppings including simple sugar, fun sprinkles or the delicious glazes to be chosen from to delight the guests. The donut can be used as part of any wedding food party. The plain donuts can be provided and guests can choose toppings like fresh fruit, whipped cream or crushed Oreos.

The End of Night Treat of Donuts, Coffee and Milk:

After the long dancing night, the guests would welcome mini snack of little donut balls and Mini donuts. Donuts could be served with coffee or tea, while kids can have them with milk or chocolate. 

Pairing Donuts with the Beverages:

When you wish to have donuts in the wedding but still don


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