Most Attractive Ways to Serve Pie at Your Wedding 

Most Attractive Ways to Serve Pie at Your Wedding

The pie suits perfectly with the weddings. The pie is always favourable like your favourite little white dress. The Wedding Food Snack Bars are ideal to serve the seasonal foods. For adding the golden brown goodness of pie to your wedding day, one needs to get inspired a little.  As you start your wedding planning, you will find that there are several choices available for type of wedding dessert or wedding cake. There could be wedding dessert options that are not cake, like dessert bar and the candy bars and other non-traditional wedding cake alternatives and wedding dessert ideas like serving pie.

There are attractive ways to serve pie at the wedding:

Choosing your wedding day on the Pi Day could be a good idea as guests will like the numerically significant wedding day which can be celebrated with sweet pie.

  • Mini Pies : 
Mini pies have started a new trend which is following the cupcakes. These mini pies are smaller in size usually bellow 6 inches. Mini pies could serve one or two guests. It can be a good romantic pie to be shared with your love.

  • Pie Bars:
Pie Bar at wedding could serve various kinds of pies to guests. These can be professionals who can be booked in advance and choice of the pies can be provided according to your choice.

  • Pie Pops:
The pie pops are nothing but tiny pies on a stick which you didn't know you missed till you test it. One surely needs to try one’s hand at pie pops. The Pie pops are a natural fit for a wedding and one may adore a high crust-to-filling ratio. If one doesn’t like these, making these pie pops a bit larger and the crust thin to accommodate filling can be considered.

  • Whoopie Pies:
Every pie dessert table must have the whoopie pie variant. This pie originates from the Amish tradition were known as the hucklebucks which were packed in the lunch boxes during historical times.

  • Savory Pies:
These Savory Pies are from Southern cooking styles having fresh red tomatoes, decadent cheese and herbs thrown in for tangy flavour.

  • Starry Pie:
A starry topping and the engraved plates would make a pie which will be too cute to be eaten.

  • Pie Scorecard:
Your guests can be kept engaged by the pie scorecards and placing a blue ribbon on the fan favourite dessert would be fun.

  • Pie Markers:
At the Pie Table, guests try the guess the type of the pie and using cheery signs will help them choose right pie. This signs could be engraved with the words like "pumpkin," "pecan," and "apple," which could be made according to your preferred tastes.

  • Dressed-Up Stand:
A basic pie stand can be dressed up with a skirt which is scalloped and would be grosgrain bow which can be the added style to the deserts bar. 

  • Take-Home Treats:
You could send your guests on their happy way with lovely mini pies they can savour on the next day.


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