Most Beautiful Traditional Indian Sarees That Every Bride Must Own 

Most Beautiful Traditional Indian Sarees That Every Bride Must Own

With the changed times, the style of dressing of a traditional Indian bride has also undergone a huge change. There was a time when a new bride would only be seen dawning beautiful Indian sarees, but today, from the very next day of the wedding, and even during the various wedding functions, the brides can be seen wearing western gowns and other western dresses. Irrespective of these changed times, there are still a few typical Indian sarees, which continue to be a must have in the wardrobe of an Indian bride. 

Banarasi Saree

These rich and exquisite sarees are woven in Varanasi. These sarees have heavy and intricate brocade and zari work done on silk. These sarees are mostly available in darker shades of red, pink, purple, etc. and they are considered to be a must have for not just every bride, but every woman

Chanderi Saree

These lightweight sarees are a blend of cotton and silk. These sarees have a very unique translucent feel to them. These sarees make the most comfortable wear during the hot summers of India. 

Bandhani Saree

The tie and dye design of these sarees comes from Rajasthan and Gujarat. Every saree has a unique design. These tie and dye prints can be made on any material and, therefore, you can find bandhej sarees available in every material and in every color as well. 

Kerala Saree

These sarees are pretty simple sarees and belong to the southernmost state of India, Kerala. The entire saree is pure white or off white in color and has golden threads woven into its borders. These sarees are available in two forms, in one form, these sarees come in two parts, the lower part and the upper pallu of the saree is separate, and in the other form, it comes in one piece like a typical saree. 

Sambalpuri Saree

Heavily designed using traditional motifs like flowers, shells, etc, these sarees are made using warp tie and dye, which is done before the weaving process. 

Bafta Saree

These sarees are also a blend of cotton and silk and belong to Madhya Pradesh. The cotton makes these saree lightweight and easy to carry, while the silk gives them a shine. 

Murshidabad Saree

There is a lot of texture in these silk sarees that are made on a power loom. The typical tribal patterns used in these sarees are quite popular and at the same time, the silk cloth used for these sarees, gives them a lustrous and rich look. 

Kota Doria Saree

If you are living in a hot and dry climate like that of Rajasthan, then it is a must that you have at least one of these lightweight net sarees present in your wardrobe. However, with the demand for these sarees reducing day by day, the number of original handloom sarees available in the market is also going down. 

The fashion of wearing sarees is never going to go away permanently. You may not need these sarees for your everyday wear, but when you wear these sarees to any family function, they will definitely help you get everyone


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