Most Common Mistakes Committed By Brides 

Most Common Mistakes Committed By Brides

Wedding planning is a huge task, and everyone involved in this process, including the bride, is bound to make several mistakes along the way. Some of the most common mistakes which brides make when planning their own wedding have been discussed below:

Not Giving Their Own Self Importance

This is the most common and the biggest mistake that most of the bride make while planning their own wedding. At a wedding, the bride and the groom are the two most important people. Everything that happens in a wedding revolves around these two people. Therefore, it is extremely important everything should be planned as per the wishes of both the bride and the groom and not from the perspective of what others want from a wedding ceremony. From the selection of the wedding flowers to choosing the wedding photographer, the bride should make all the decisions as per her wishes and how she wants her wedding to be. 

Choosing The Wrong Wedding Dress

Another very common mistake which many brides make is that when selecting their wedding dress, these brides do not take into consideration their wedding venue. Many times it happens that the long flowing dress that the brides select for themselves becomes unmanageable at the venue since the venue requires the bride to walk on soft and wet mud. Therefore, when selecting the dress for the wedding, the brides must keep in mind the wedding venue, and what would be the best attire to wear at that venue. 

Ruling Out The Option Of Wedding Planners 

Most of the girls start to plan their weddings in their head from a very young age. Therefore, when finally the day arrives, they are too excited about it and want to do everything themselves. As a result, they do not even consider the option of hiring a wedding planner for helping out with the various jobs involved in the planning of a wedding. This can prove to be a big mistake, since weddings are a huge affair and for the bride to be handling everything on her own is expecting too much. Besides, there are many small wedding details which professional wedding planners are able to foresee and manage better than the bride. Therefore, the option of hiring professional help for the planning of the wedding should never be ruled out completely. 

Crash Dieting

Yet another very big mistake that many brides end up making at their wedding is that in order to look perfect at their wedding, these brides go on an indiscriminate dieting. They stop eating completely and start to live on only liquids and fruits. By the time the final wedding day comes, these brides are left with no energy in their bodies and in some cases they fall so sick that they need to be hospitalized. Wanting to look good is one thing, but dieting should be done in a planned and smart manner, so that you are able to lose weight but it should not affect your health in any manner. 


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