Most Funny Ways to Tackle Children at Weddings 

Most Funny Ways to Tackle Children at Weddings

Weddings are supposed to be a family function and therefore, when sending out invitations, you cannot ask anyone to not bring their children along with them to the wedding. However, for the children, these wedding ceremonies can be quite boring since they hardly understand them and cannot participate in them. Due to this, many children get cranky and it becomes difficult for the parents to control their children then. Cries of children all over the wedding venue can act a big dampener for the wedding and therefore, it is important that you come up with some innovative and interesting ways through which these kids can be kept entertained and happy at the wedding ceremonies. 

Below are few funny yet helpful ways through which children can be kept occupied at the wedding functions:

Make Them Participate In the Ceremonies

This is the best way to make children feel special and important. You do not have to assign some important or major role in the ceremony to the kids, but you can give them small jobs like handing over the flowers during the ceremony to the bride and the groom, holding the veil of the dress of the bride when she is walking down the aisle and other similar jobs which are quite petty in nature, but will help in making the children feel involved in the wedding and therefore, not get bored and cranky. 

Shower Them with Favors

Another way of keeping kids happy during weddings is by giving them age appropriate gifts. You anyways have to hand over favors to all the guests attending the wedding, therefore, it would be better if you make the arrangement for giving the kids their gifts right at the start of the ceremony. The kids will stay busy playing and admiring their favors all through the wedding ceremonies and the function can move on without any disturbance from them. 

Make A Special Dace Floor For Them

Kids love to dance and music is also the best way to keep the kids busy. If the kids have to dance on the same dance floor as the adults, they might get hurt and therefore, the parents have to be alert all the time. Thus, it would be better if you could prepare a separate dance floor for the kids, which should be safer and more kids


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