Most Important Groom Accessories 

Most Important Groom Accessories

The groom is the centre of attraction on the day of wedding.  Be it a lady or gents who is available at the marriage venue, she/he can’t stop eyes looking at the groom again and again. When compared with a woman, the man has lesser options for adornment. But, the groom can have the best look when he chooses the best accessories apart from perfect wedding dress of the best day. Here are a few tips on accessories that will make a groom most handsome on the big day. 

Pagri or Turban

The face of the groom becomes special when he wears pagri or turban. According to tradition of various regions, the design and style of pagri may be different. The prevalent styles of pagri may be of pink or red in colour. The fabric is always cotton. Whether the grooms wears a business suit, sherwani or dhoti kurta; the pagri is an essential part of his wedding outfit. It gives the royal look. One important aspect must be kept in mind that the colour of pagri must be in matching with that of wedding attire. 

Shoes and Footwear

The food can never be left unattended or bare. So the perfect footwear or shoe forms the essential part of groom accessories. The black colour is not assumed lucky in marriage functions. So, jutis, mojris, kolhapuri chappal or formal shoes must of colour red, maroon or other according to the wedding attire of the groom. Be sure that the shoe can change the overall look of the groom. 

The general jewelleries worn by the Indian groom are chain, rings and bracelets. While the chain and bracelets can be made of gold, the ring made is made of gold or diamond as per the budget. When the grooms wear sherwani, he may wear a brooch. In addition the groom may wear a kada or cufflinks as per his culture and custom. 

Other Accessories

The other accessories which a groom may have on his wedding are watch but he can’t avoid having a sword (talwar). If the groom wears a business suit, he may use a tie pin. The elegant sehra tied to pagri does also make the groom elegant. 

One most important factor the groom must keep in mind is that he should be comfortable in all the outfits and accessories. The money should not be wasted on the things in which the groom does not feel comfortable. 

The aim is to make the groom the best looking person and this can be achieved when a small but considerable thought is applied in the things to be done for wedding taking in consideration the overall personality of the groom. This is not difficult at all and the advice of the groom and the elders in the family and relations may be sought at all the points. 

If it is not done, the groom may be looking odd on his best day of life. So, the selection of proper and fitting accessories is inevitable for the groom. 


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