Most Innovative and Unique Gift Packs for Wedding-Making Your Taste Buds Freak Out to Eat 

Most Innovative and Unique Gift Packs for Wedding-Making Your Taste Buds Freak Out to Eat

Concept innovations providing the gift packs for weddings and other related occasions. The products can be broadly categorized as Baklawa of various kind, in addition- other range of sweets like as- tarts, fudge, kunafa, kunafi, dates of several kinds,nutty balls, fruit chikkis..Etc.

These delightfully unique products as mentioned above aims at celebrating food in its purest and most palatable form, thus encouraging everyone to indulge in their health by eating the hygienic and pure. We are specializing in creating the themed sweets required as per the weddings. 

Before we dive in to tell you our prime focus remains on the kind of unique sweets we can provide off. The range of sweets as classified above has been elaborated further like this-

1. Baklava- these are beautifully designed and can be further categorized into- finger baklava, Ring baklava, Swiss roll Baklava, Pyramid baklava, Square baklava, Diamond baklava etc.

2. Tarts- these are primarily real flavored and are- Rose tarts, strawberry tarts, chocolate tarts, kiwi tarts.

3. Kunafa and kunafi- pistachio bird nest kunafa and pistachio kunafi are most popular in this segment. 

4. Dates- cashew filled nuts, dark chocolate coated dates, almond filled dates, white chocolate coated dates, white chocolate blueberry dates, white chocolate kiwi dates.

5. Most in vogue items- well aforementioned items too are popularly liked by the people. But the more in vogue now-a-days are Chocó nutty ball, Chocó nutty fudge and soft dry fruit chikkis..

The present worthy Gifts generated regular demand and gained the brand recognition. Our prime focus remains on the product range of Accompaniments and even we Endeavour to synergies the event with existing range of products.

It isn’t surprising that such fun and interesting statistics for gauging customer response emerge from the culmination of the varied skills and expertise of the sweet makers.

What are you waiting for? Don’t freak out your taste buds by making them crave for the delectable concept creations of sweets. For too long. Order your share now and give your sweets the perfect company they crave for .


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