Most Ravishingly Rustic Wedding Bouquets 

Most Ravishingly Rustic Wedding Bouquets

Wedding is an important event in life to be cherished for the remaining days in our life. Each religion has its own traditions and rituals to be performed. But all the religion uses flowers as a medium to praise the lord and seek his blessings. Thus wedding flowers has got a unique role to play at the wedding.

Some religions use wedding flowers to decorate the hall in order to give an exotic ambience to the people at the wedding.  While some use bouquet wraps at the reception only. 

Why are bouquets preferred?

Marriage is accustomed to be celebrated with the blessings of omnipresent. In such case, flowers are tied into the bouquet wraps and carried by the bride. There are many varieties of bridal bouquets available at the florist. It is a symbol of love, hope and peace.

Significance of bouquets

In modern times bridal bouquets are carried by the bride in their hand to spread love and good will via its fragrance. The pleasant smell from the wedding flowers creates an appealing atmosphere for the guests gathered at the wedding. The natural elements for bouquets are captivating and help the bride to express her inner feeling.

Ancient thought process

In olden days, wedding bouquets wraps is thought to spread the good spirit from it to the invitees gathered at the wedlock. The wedding flowers ward away the evil spirit from the couple. Earlier only the bride carries the bouquet wraps in one hand and holds the groom


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