Most Suited Designer Wedding Mandap 

Most Suited Designer Wedding Mandap

The wedding mandap is the central part of Indian wedding after the wedding stage. The most auspicious and scared wedding rituals like the seven mangal pheras, kanyadan ceremony, jaimala, mangalsutra bandhan, etc., are all performed at the wedding mandap. Wedding mandap is the place where the couples take vows of nuptial bond with each other and all the guests present witness the loving ceremonies. 
A Brief about the Wedding Mandaps
The wedding mandaps are the place at the site of wedding reception, like a canopy under which the several rituals of marriage are performed by the bride and the groom in the presence of fire burning in the center. This canopy of wedding mandap is supported by pillars from all four sides. These four pillars are said to represent the parents of the bride and groom. According to Hindu customs, the marriage of the bride and groom is said to take place with the support of their parents, therefore, parents are considered to be the supporting pillars of their nuptial bond. The bride and the groom express their respect and gratitude towards their parents by standing next to these pillars of wedding mandap.

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Agni Kund or holy fire forms the center of the wedding mandap which is worshipped by the bride, the groom and their parents under the guidance of a holy priest who recites the sacred verses from the Vedas. This Agnikun is considered as the holy witness of the wedding rituals which take place around I under the wedding mandap.
Several things need to be kept in mind regarding the wedding mandap decoration. Some of these factors are listed below.
The Size of the Wedding Mandap

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The size of the wedding mandap must be large enough to accommodate the AgniKund, the holy kalash and there must be enough space where the bride, the groom and the priest can sit and perform the rituals. Also there is must be enough space around the mandap where the guests may sit and witness the wedding ceremonies being performed.
Theme, Design and Style of the Wedding Mandap

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Several options of the themes and styles of decorating the wedding mandap are available with the wedding decorators these days. For example, the wedding mandap décor ideas include open canopy, triangular arrangement, dome shaped décor, or can even have a backdrop displaying the theme being followed in the wedding decorations.  Carefully go through these options and select the one that best suits your requirements and budget.
Wedding Mandap Décor Ideas

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Different kinds of materials can be used for decorating wedding mandaps, like the ribbons, silk drapes, organza fabric, flower arrangements, etc. Hanging decorations are widely used in the wedding mandaps. Fresh or artificial flowers like rose, marigold and jasmine can be hung all around the wedding mandap. Flower garlands can also be used for decorating the seating arrangements. Use of net drapes and silver decorations make the wedding mandap look elegant and beautiful. The material of the canopy can be chosen from silk, or cotton with chikan work, or zardozi work fabric to impart a traditional, rich and authentic appeal to the mandap decorations.


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