Most Sweet and Sentimental Ways to Get Your Guests Involved In Your Wedding 

Most Sweet and Sentimental Ways to Get Your Guests Involved In Your Wedding

The weddings are all about the bride and the groom. Everything that happens at these weddings is concentrated around the bride and the groom only. They are the center of attraction, but just imagine a wedding, where there are no guests. The bride and the groom would simply stand before a priest and say their vows. There would be no festivity involved in the wedding. It is the guests present at these weddings who make the wedding day really special for the bride and the groom. Therefore, it is important that these should feel a part of the wedding ceremonies and for this the hosts of the wedding should take special steps to get the guests involved in various wedding functions. 

Some of the wedding responsibilities which the hosts can share with the wedding guests are as follows:

Personal Duties At Various Wedding Ceremonies

Every wedding ceremony requires the involvement of many people. Different guests can be appointed different tasks during these ceremonies. This way the guests will not just feel wanted personally at the wedding, but they would become closely involved with each and every ceremony. Thus, the participation level of the guests at the wedding will increase automatically. 

Pump Up The Party

The bride and the groom and their family members are expected to behave in a very decent and subdued manner at the wedding. Therefore, in order to increase the energy levels at the wedding functions, the guests will have to step up and pump up the energy levels at the wedding party. Thus, special guests can be appointed in various roles like dance motivator, who would encourage all the other guests to get up and dance and many other similar roles can be assigned to different guests so that the atmosphere at the wedding becomes festive thanks to the participation and involvement of all the guests present at the wedding. 

Personal Videos

The guests invited to any wedding are in one way or the other associated with either the bride or the groom and in some cases, may know both the bride and the groom. These guests can be asked to prepare short speeches about how they know the bride or the groom and what they wish for them in the future. This way the emotional and personal content of the wedding can be increased greatly with the help of the guests. 


Marriage is the union of not just two people but of two families as well. However, in many instances, it has been seen that both the families are not very comfortable in initiating conversations between themselves. Certain guests, who are good in their conversational skills, can be assigned the job of acting as a mediator between the two families and help in start pleasant conversations between them. This way these guests can help in breaking the ice at the wedding functions, so that all the formalities can be left behind and everyone can enjoy the wedding festivities to the hilt. 

Thus, by using the able simple yet effective ways of involving guests in a wedding, the mood of the wedding can be uplifted greatly. 


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