Most Worthwhile - The Super Useful Pieces of Advice for Bride 

Most Worthwhile - The Super Useful Pieces of Advice for Bride

The advice that you need before wedding is extremely useful. No one can deny the importance of real advice from the bride who knows the importance of giving it to you. Instead of going through the crazy madness, it’s better to opt for the one that can make your wedding, a great memorable success one.

Here we got you the real bride’s valuable advice and the cheat sheet in one piece.

1. Mehendi time-

Here, on the occasion of the mehendi, you know that the perfect mehendi takes 3-4 hours to get the mehendi done. So if you want to enjoy and move around to dance, it’s better to get a large chunk of the mehendi done before your function starts. So that you can have drink and eat some yums and do the baby doll jig.

Cheat sheet: 

The first part of the mehendi, which includes-the front of your arm and ends up covering about ¾ Th of your arm. Must be done before the day. The back part would take half an hour. So get your front part before the day and sit pretty on the function as you finish the 2nd part that is back one and mehendi on your feet.

2. Take something before cocktail-

The first function, that’s the cocktail is always accompanied by meeting with the guests and the shot down of your throat all the times, you talk to anyone. It’s always suggested if you want to dance the night away and be able to stand upright till the end of the function, feed or line your stomach well.

Cheat sheet- you are supposed to eat a sandwich .it can be whole meat with healthy stuff inside only, the tummy would not go bloat by this way.

3. Going to buy jewelry?

It’s highly recommended to go to as many jewelers as much possible. They sell similar products with different price. This could be due to quality, gold content, brand of the jeweler etc. you must have patience, while you shop for the one the design that you like the most. You must ask as many questions as possible. You’ll live with this jewellery for the rest of your life, so be smart about it.

Cheat sheet- 

While exhibitions may not be ideal place to pick up jewellery, they are the best places to find jewelers and get ideas. Try and visit as many exhibitions as possible.

4. Have Fake nails-

During ring ceremony, mehendi and pheras, your hand gets notice and they come into the photographs as well. The broken nail ruining the perfect shot. Between the intricate work on the outfits and jewelry, nails tend to get stuck. Keep fake nail along with you so that before the function starts to avoid the last minute disaster and get that perfect shots as possible.

Cheat sheet: Call someone to come and do your and your friends/sisters nails and make a day out of it! 

5. The people that need to be photographed or video graphed, must be listed out- 

This essential guide or tip would help you save the time and money too. We always want our near and dears to be photographed .the friends and the family members would always be around, but still you are suggested to appoint one person as a guide to the photographer or videographer.

CHEAT SHEET: Make a list of people to be interviewed and ask those people to make themselves available beforehand.

6. Team up with your cousin or get an intern / assistant to help for the décor 

Some brides get disappointed on reaching the wedding place by seeing the décor. Some brides share that they thought of having wildest décor and imagined the one with the color contrast and the jaimala were totally opposite of what I wanted. Truly speaking, the bride would not be able to oversee the décor. 

Cheat sheet: Ask someone responsible to take over early on and exchange as many pictures as possible to make sure they understand your vision and do justice to it.


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