Mostly Followed Groom Ethnic Wear 

Mostly Followed Groom Ethnic Wear

The day you become a groom, you can’t forget your tradition, custom and culture. Hence you will have only ethnic wear that day. Even when you have modern thinking, you can’t avoid many things on the ceremonial occasions. This is truly applicable to your wedding dress. This is the reason many wedding dress designers have come out with various concepts on ethnic wear. 

The ancient emperors like rajas (kings) and maharajas were always adorned with ceremonial dresses such as silk sherwani but the common man used to wear plain kurtas. But on the special occasions such as marriage etc. the common man also used ethnic wear such as sherwani, dhoti-kurta and kurta pajami etc. This adores the man, enhance the appeal, stature and dignify his personality. 

The Effect of Mughal 

The ethnic wear of the groom in India is highly influenced by the Mughals. The best wedding dresses of Mughal pattern are kurta pyjama, Sherwani and Pathani suit. The modern man feels like royal in these wear. In a disguised competition wedding dresses with that of bride the groom should not be look second in comparison to anyone on that day. 

The Effect of Western 

The French and English have been in India for a long time and there has been the tendency of Indian culture to assimilate in it the important features of other cultures. How the western outfit can remain untouched and unaffected then? The western business suit consisting of coat-pant and western jackets are easily seen as wedding outfits of Indian grooms. However, the slight modifications may be seen in the pattern of these dresses. 

The Great Indian Heritage

India has been the country of various ethnic groups and cultures. The diversity is seen in wedding outfits of groom from place to place. The pattern of kurta worn by Rajasthani groom is different than that of Bengali groom or a Sikh groom. The Lucknowi Kurta-pajama for the groom has special taste too. 

Taking these things in mind, the various dress designers and manufacturers have stepped in to market to keep the ancient concept alive and make the grooms in royal looks on the day of wedding. The imagination and creativity of these designers have added a new dimension to the fashion industry and special occasions like marriage. For example, the tradition of full-sleeve long kurtas with sleeveless jackets is not the new concept, the addition of embroidery and paintings on fabric the altogether a new look is brought out the modern dress designers. The dress is known as Jawahar coat also can be worn with dhoti or churidar pajama as well. 

For your wedding dress, you may select one out of above-mentioned dresses and be the champion of the day. Take advices of your friends and elders of the family, at the same time don’t forget the consult your would-be spouse as what type of dress would be most perfect for you on that special day. Keep in the mind the wedding theme also while selecting the ethnic wear for you. 


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