Must Have Photos of Sister of the Bride (in the sisters wedding) 

Must Have Photos of Sister of the Bride (in the sisters wedding)

Apart from the essential photographs, that you need to click for the bride, the biggest part remains incomplete, without the photos with the first better half, the sister. The role, duties and the responsibilities taken by the sister is of course the best and memorable. She always seem excited, much more than you do, and she does the best, whatever she can do best for the wedding. The onus lies on the photographer to click those memorable and the best clicks, which are long term memories and are more than the evergreen pictures, the one which both can cherish. A perfect guide for the photographer and the sister in general regarding the fun moments click has been illuminated here-

1. The traditional ornaments- the kaleera drops- 

 you know very well that the ceremony of kaleera drops is unique that carries the importance in the way of dropping the kaleera over the sister, who is gonna marry next one. The fun moments, begin here, when the question is raised, that which sister would tie the knot next? Don’t miss the moments. Make sure to click on the camera.

2. The moments of walking down from the aisle- 

the crew of sisters get ready to walk along with the bride to the Mandap.  The moment, she walks and the stunning appearance of her gorgeous presence lures everyone with her fabulous style. This moment also becomes the best, and not to be missed, if you are a photographer and the sister accompanying her can be seen there.

3. Photo- lending the helping hand to the bride- 

the sister, starting from the pre wedding rituals, like as mehandi, and music and till the last stage and even after, can be seen fully occupied in the gentle affairs, in which she takes the entire responsibility of each and every minor to major aspect of the assistance to the sister. She can be seen worried about food, rest, shopping, and clothing and even pooh of the sister. Sister can be seen worried about the setting of lehanga, pinning of dupatta, and the helping out with the ankle.

4. The jutta chupai photo- the sister of the bride is uniquely known for the jutta chuppai ritual. No one can deny the importance of this pic. The winning pose, exhibiting the shoes of the groom with a big smile on the face, makes the sister most photogenic at that time. The moment she declares loudly and the pose, must be captured to have that long lasting memories forever.

5.    Capturing the selfie shot- 

The beautiful bride with the well presented sister, in the memories and the moment they think of departure, fills them with the immense love of emotions, they hold hands and arms together, for the best memories, the pic at that moment, is the perfect treat to watch.. Besides, the musti, fun and the love can be seen where they the duck faces while having the selfie can be seen.

6. Sisters, feeding the bride pic- it are the matter of love and care, not merely the pic that is to be captured. The sister and the close relatives, the cousin profound sisters and friends, take special care while the bride is on the mehandi session or is exhaustive due to tough but interesting affair of the wedding. So photographer must click the one. In which a deep concern of the sisters can be seen, the way, all girls surround the bride.

7. Mehandi photographs- ( the girl’s session)-  the super cute photo , the sister, holding you from the back , as usually she must be doing always, then showing –off her mehandi along with you is the best 

-After the picture with the bride’s outfit, how about you take one with both of yours? After all, we shot ever. The super cute one!!!!

8. The Pretty Outfits know how much effort goes into choosing the perfect ‘sister of the bride’ outfit, so how about you show off that as well?

9. The ultimate click-  this picture is to be captured after getting ready, specially the bride. The perfect way of having this click is with the bride, facing a full length mirror and you are admiring her, exhibits, both of you are all decked up from top to the bottom.


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