Mysterious Guest Disturbing Your Expected Wedding Budget 

Mysterious Guest Disturbing Your Expected Wedding Budget

Every wedding is special and so are the wedding guests. Like everyone has plans for their dream weddings and they do everything possible to make it true. Also it is always a situation that you spent more money than you planned and so it is always wise to plan and take a solid margin to avoid situations like bankrupt and penniless. But even after all this you still get a bill with almost the amount you never thought because of the mysterious guest that arrive at your marriage and left without your notice. Believe me there are these guests and they do exist very much. Although it is difficult to identify the guest spending your bucks like anything but it is a complete truth that you had it if you are married and will have if planning to get married, so just beware.

Who can it be?

Also it is very hard to tell the mysterious wedding guests doubling your bill is a man who loves to drink and is bathing with the drink or it is the women who is just taking extra class from the salon you arranged for the guests to get wedding ready or it is just a group of kids who starved themselves for months and now are fulfilling their quota at your marriage by trying every snack ten times. It is really hard to tell until you don’t have a detective with glasses at your wedding. And without the detective you won’t be able to even guess the mysterious money spending guest.

Guess it Sherlock

But there are some steps by which you can not only guess but also play some tricks to save your hard earned money. So the first thing is to know that at your marriage are the men more spending or the women or it is the kids’ gang. Once you get this little but significant information about the mysterious wedding guest wasting your dollars. So just try to know the community to which this mysterious guest belongs, at your party.

Budget is important of both sides

Also make sure you how and from where are your wedding guests coming from. The guests from different country and state always have a dream to enjoy the most and never miss a doubt of anything in their mind. So just know the sources to detect the mysterious hat guest. Next thing to know and analyse is to identify the guest with a big balloon budget. Because guest bring gift but the expenses of their gift is very well added to your wedding expenses. So maybe the one with the big box may be your mysterious guest, wasting your money unnecessarily. 

Also the type of wedding also matters when it comes to expenses. Attending a themed party may motivate your guests to try everything and they find something they can’t avoid till it ends. So just give some space in your mind after all those marriage thoughts to know your wedding guests and have a budget friendly party. And once you know your guest may be you will be able to find the mysterious guests wasting your money but make sure you don’t spoil the enjoyment.


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