Name Changing Ceremony after Marriage and Mistake Pertaining It 

Name Changing Ceremony after Marriage and Mistake Pertaining It

There are numerous traditions and rituals which are associated with a Hindu marriage. These rituals start right from the time one starts to look for an alliance for their son or daughter, and it starts with matching of Kundlis’ of both the prospective bride and the groom and continues at every step of the consummation of the marriage between the two. In Indian marriage and religion are closely related and if even a single Indian tradition with respect to these marriages gets missed out, the wedding is believed to be incomplete or jinxed. Most of these traditions are related to seeking blessings from the lord or elders in both the families, through various ways, but some of these traditions are quite sexist traditions and can be demeaning to the self-respect of the bride. One such tradition is that of name change.

Feminist Customs

The name of a person is something that forms his or her identity right from their childhood and therefore tends to be special for every person. A person’s name is his or her identity and if you force someone to change that name, you are basically robbing that person of his or her identity. In some northern, as well as western parts of India, there is a tradition where the bride is expected to change her name after marriage. It is a common practice for the females to change their last name and adopt the surname of their husband’s after marriage, but in some parts of Indian culture, the brides are expected to not just change their last name but their first name as well. There is an entire post wedding ceremony, which is held for this purpose where the religious priests study the combined astrological charts of the groom and the bride and based on the analysis of the same, come up with a new and supposedly auspicious name for the bride. 

Religious Name Change Not Legal

Simply changing the name of the bride after an Indian wedding at some religious function held at home or temple is not considered to be legal, and as per the books and legal records, the name of the bride would continue to be her maiden name. However, of the bride is willing to change her name legally, then she needs to follow proper legal guidelines and get her name change registered with the respective government authority. 

Getting Name Change Done Legally

Some of the basic steps which every bride needs to follow in order to legally get her name changed after marriage are as follows:

- The first step in this regard is to get apply and get hold of a proper marriage certificate. 

- Once you have the marriage certificate in hand, the next step is to apply for the name change at proper Gazette State Government office. 

- The office will then officially and legally change the name and provide you with a jointly notarized affidavit from some public notary or else advertise in local newspapers about the name change. 

- The affidavit received for name change can be used for making changes in other legal documents like PAN card, driving license, bank account, etc. 


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