Navratri Special: Mantra for Happy Married Life 

Navratri Special: Mantra for Happy Married Life

Marriage, which is the union not only of the two people, means bodies, is also union of the souls. The soul mates relish their spiritual journey together and enjoy the bliss of God. In India marriage is considered as one time occasion where the tied knot is considered as being tied for the seven births. In India, marriage is not merely a sacrament but is sacrosanct. But it is the irony of life that once the wrong decision prevails, either of wedding the wrong partner; it leads to overall destruction of the relationship as well as the happiness. The small issues of the relations may ruin the happy and prospering life.  

So, if you are suffering due to the certain issues of the married life, and you are extremely worried about it , then here is a perfect solution for you. Now as the navratran week is nearby and the days are not far, so it’s the perfect time to dissolve these silly conflicts.

Astrologers specified that, if the durga puja is conducted during the navratran, then these conflicts can be solved easily and the life would be again happy and prosperous as ever. The nine days, all are significant from this point of you, but it’s preferred to conduct the puja during the Friday. 

How to worship or perform the ritual during navratran

Wake up early in the morning and keep an idol of Goddess Jagdamba on a red cloth after taking bath.
Make two swastik signs with rice and keep an idol of Lord Ganesha on one and Shiv-Gauri rudraksh on the other. 

 Then chant the following mantra 108 times:

“Om katyaynye namah”

 After this puja, wear that rudraksh around your neck.

Or As per the pandit or spiritual leader you rely upon, so that the perfect puja can be conducted and the wedding relationships can be made again in a very better way as before. 


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