Necessity of Investing In Marriage 

Necessity of Investing In Marriage

A marriage not only needs investment of money but also several other things in a happy marriage including following.

  • One needs to invest in speaking truth with the spouse. There is nothing to hide when someone speaks the truth. 

  • One needs to invest in taking time to listen to the spouse. Not paying attention undermines spouse. One should purposefully stop own activity and thoughts for listening intently.

  • A couple needs to invest in prayers together as the personal growth is nurtured by the prayer. 

  • One should invest in the communicating. The necessity for a conversation is the basic principle in any marriage. Several experts opine that no communication could create a rift which could affect other aspects of a married relationship.

  • A couple needs investment in making time for one another and to share the interests of the other. The love is shared by making time for each other. The friction will be caused by only work without any play and interest should be shown everything couple enjoys.

  • A couple must make investment in changing the bad habits. A negative situation may create a bad habit. An action is needed to cut the addiction of any type. A marriage would become strong every time one defeats any bad habit.

  • A couple should make investment in forgiving the spouse.

  • Investing in self-examination: The pride will never allow couple to examine themselves. If strife enters your marriage, ask yourself if anything you should own up to. Every marriage could be made better.

  • A couple should make investment in learning to express oneself when one is upset which is important for healthy communication in the marriage without being dramatic.

  • A couple should make investment in compromising which will reduce much of the stress in marriage.

  • A couple should make investment in adjusting with the constant changes taking place in their marriage.

  • A couple should make investment in telling spouse what one


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