New Professional Wedding Photography Trends by Clouds Wedding Bangalore 

New Professional Wedding Photography Trends by Clouds Wedding Bangalore

Wedding is one of the most special occasions of people’s life. It is such a pious and important moment that deserved to be cherished. Professional wedding photographer is the person who makes it possible for you to keep the beautiful memory alive forever. The craft of wedding photography is evolving day by day. It is no more limited to merely documenting endless, monotonous video footages of everything taking place from the beginning to the end. Modern Wedding Cinematography and photography has become a more complex and creative procedure that involves a lot of planning and skills. Services of professional and talented people like Clouds Wedding Bangalore team is required to get a perfect modern wedding cinematography. Wedding films produced by Clouds Wedding teams are no less than Bollywood and Hollywood movies. They include everything from a story to emotions and personality of people, to dialogues to music and dancing. With the couple as the leading characters the story has a proper beginning and ending.


Indian Wedding Photography


A wedding is an opportunity for a Professional and creative photographer to make a new and unique film. Creative team of directors, cinematographers and editors of Clouds Wedding with their out of the box thinking can give you the most special memories through their candid wedding photography and wedding cinematography. They put efforts to meet and know the couple, the families involved, the story behind the matrimony so as to give them an opportunity to make a complete and a unique film.


Indian Wedding Photography


Clouds Wedding makes things easier for you as you get the photographer and cinematographer under one banner. It saves you from duplication of efforts and coordination and management of people. Clouds Wedding team knows that today people are aware of the latest trends and expects the high quality and creative work which is prevalent abroad for themselves. So, their team had come up with a new concept of Aerial Photography which is the latest trend. Aerial photography makes your wedding stand out and become more memorable. It catches all the grandeur, laughter and fun with a view of bird’s eye. It captures your big day from above as well as from all the angles possible.



Aerial photography involves using drones which are helicopters with cameras strapped to them and are controlled by remote control. The benefits of aerial photography is-


- It makes the wedding more memorable.

- It is perfect for destination wedding as it gives a good sense and view of the city.

- It is used for capturing special skills at the wedding.

- It gives cinematic, beautiful and macro view of the wedding.

- It amazes the guests.

- It shows the glory of your wedding venue.

- It captures the perspectives and angles that you never thought possible.


Aerial photography is not limited to drones, professional wedding photographer at Clouds Wedding sometimes use rooftops, ladder or a peak of nearby hill to get an aerial view. It takes a lot of time and strategy to shot the beautiful aerial view. Cloud wedding professional and experienced team uses their high tech equipments to gives unique perspective to your wedding using aerial photography and videography.


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