Newer Trends - Floral Jaal as Dupatta for the Bride 

Newer Trends - Floral Jaal as Dupatta for the Bride

Rose flowers and  chameli flowers can be seen extensively in the weddings in the form of jaimala. The sweet essence of the flowers and the exotic shades of the combination leave the heart with a joy of freshness and the love. An entirely newer trend, recently seen on one of the wedding, where the bride had a jaal of flowers, as dupatta on her head. The gorgeous, awesome and the dashing look of which spread like virus on the instagram. The shout outs of the comments exhibited the likes of the people. 

Floral dupatta-

As the name depicts, the floral dupatta is all about the dupatta, which entirely is made up of flowers, basically mallipoo or jasmine buds. The border can be seen to be made up of flowers like of the rose flowers. It’s an easy idea to get it from your florist by describing the overall dimensions of it with the time lap, since the flowers get dry and the photographs can only come gorgeous if they are the fresh flowers.

The availability-

It’s not freely available and can be obtained from commercial places, available online that do orders for this: like pellipoolajhada or mallipoo. The reference picture can be helpful to get it for you. Besides, the flowers, the central base can be made of the transparent chunni, the white or the light colored.

Constituting flowers

The jasmine buds when knit like a sheet, as they have their ability to have the light net, does not appear too heavy like other flowers, can be seen gorgeously and the overall look just kills.

Multiuses of floral dupatta- 

Telugu weddings have a ritual of purdah, which separates the bride and groom. There it has been started as the separator for them. Actually, there are endless possibilities for their use. It can be utilized as phoolon ka chaddar or as a drape or backdrop. Moreover, you can also use it in your hair – as a bun or as a South-Indian hair braid.

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