Newlywed Celebrating Kanjak on Navaratri Ashtami and Navmi and the Food for Offering 

Newlywed Celebrating Kanjak on Navaratri Ashtami and Navmi and the Food for Offering

Navaratri The significance of Navratran continues till ashtmi when the young girls, who have not attained the puberty are invited by the neighborhood people, and are served respectfully with delicacies like Halwa, puri, and are given money or gifts and both to them. How much enjoyable it would be to that young girls to relish everything by them all. The money they receive becomes the pocket allowance for them for spending luxuriously. The ritual of ashtmi is very pious one and is favorite amongst all the Indians specially.

Navratri is celebrated twice in India A chaitra navratri and vasant Navratri. The former commences in the month of September or October and the other in the month of March April and continues till nine days. It is believed that devi Durga brings courage in the mind, wealth and prosperity, knowledge, wisdom and spirituality.

Understanding what is Kanjak or Kanya Pooja: 

The deep history behind the same depicts that when goddess durga , luxmi and saraswati did penance while sitting on the needle to acquire appropriate strength to slay the demon mahisuram who was causing harm to everyone. It became mandatory to deteriorate him to cease the havoc caused by him,

Kanjak is a pious ritual that can be conducted on either Ashtmi or Navmi day during both Navratras after a long fasting of 7-8 days , with complete abstinence from the Alcohol, non vegetarian food and even garlic, onion. During the day, A joyous, spiritual feast is given to the Young girls with, halwa, puri , chana sabji. Cash and gifts are also given.

The young girls come up fully dressed up in finery with colorful lehanga and the grandeur of their colour and spirit  make feel everyone As they are the form of Goddess durga. And in reality, these girls are considered as the form of Divine Devi, and are invited to home of the neighborhood people.

The feet of them are washed and are applied red colored thread is tied on their hands in an auspicious fashion. Red coloured tikka is applied on the forehead of everyone and these girls pat on the head giving them blessings. All the family members touch the feet of every girl t seek the blessings.
Is Kanjak


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