Newlywed Loving Wearing Chura or is Getting Frustrated (Most Funny - Hilarious - Reply of Newlywed 

Newlywed Loving Wearing Chura or is Getting Frustrated (Most Funny - Hilarious - Reply of Newlywed

Well, it goes without saying the importance of chura, which means everything for a newlywed bride. They wear it for a period of minimum 40 days, more till the period of a year or half. The red bangles, always attached with your arms are the biggest source of attraction and the indication of being married. Moreover, the tradition of putting them around the arms is a compulsion too. If the bride comes to a family, where the tradition of having it is mandatory, then I think its goanna create problem for the newlywed.

Most of the brides, happily and nicely wear it for a period of more than a year, regardless of the obstructions that come in the way, like as the noise during sleeping, accidental scratches, the non ability of driving the car properly, working with computer, etc.  

On the contrary, there are data available, when the bride comments by sharing her personal experience, like how she dreamt of wearing it on honeymoon with the bikini and top and of course, in the laps of the husband. While, many of them rather smirks that -

‘I’m not gonna wear it at least” we don’t have that tradition, and I find it frustrating too.  She further commented that after marriage, she had to wear it for the assigned time, due to a superstitious prevailing among the family that if you remove the chura, you would have the problematic marriage. Finally, she said that she ended up becoming one of them, with wearing a chura while honeymooning in a tropical island. I know it’s a traditional thing, but what to do, it has made my jeena mushkil.

She further comments, I cannot sleep, type and cannot drive, as it distracts me a lot. The feeling of heavy load always prevail, that something is there on both the arms. I have always been the sorts, who cannot wear more than earrings and a watch, and now the watch is impossible to wear.i cannot wear it. And the occasional habitual glance at the chura fails to tell me the time. I have atleast 5 bangles out of it imprinted on my forehead.  On the top of it, how can one wear it and work simultaneously? And yes, out of all my jackets during winter, my arms would go inside only one. Which I wore, and wore and wore again. 

My husband too keeps adjusting my hand during night as he has to hug and kiss me. He gets the torture a lot, while accidental scratching. Furthermore, for girls who stay with in-laws, how do you keep the chura noise from echoing around the house at night when you guys, you know…that thing!

So, my personal opinion is not to wear it for the assigned time, it must be totally in the choice of the bride to wear it or not. If she wears, it must be for the duration, for which she wants to wear it and not 40 days compulsory one. 

What do you opine about it? Is it really challenging to wear the one or do you love it regardless, anything that happens while wearing the one. Must comments below.


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