Nightmares Which Haunt Every Bride Before The Wedding 

The night before the wedding, everyone expects the bride to sleep peacefully, so that she is able to get up fresh for her wedding day. But, the truth is that the night before the wedding is the scariest night in the life of a bride. From doubting her decision of getting married to feeling anxious about the wedding arrangements, there are innumerable fears which haunt the bride and she is not able to even close her eyes, forget getting a peaceful sleep. 

Some of the common nightmares which most of the brides have on the night just before their wedding are as follows:

No Dress

This is a very common nightmare which haunts almost all the brides. In the dream the brides see themselves getting ready for the wedding, wearing all their accessories, getting the makeup done in the most perfect manner, but suddenly realize that they do not have the wedding dress. They find themselves screaming that they cannot get married because they do not have a wedding dress, but no one listens to them, and they end up getting married in one of their oldest and shabbiest dresses. 

Too Late For The Wedding

Another common dream that many brides have, is that for some reason they lose track of time and get very, very late for their wedding, in fact, they are so late for the wedding, that either the groom has already left the wedding venue, calling off the wedding, or he ended up marrying the best friend of the bride, who was looking stunning in the bridesmaid dress that the bride had herself selected for her. This dream can make any bride wake up in cold sweat. 

Wardrobe Malfunction

You are looking absolutely stunning as you walk down the aisle in your dream. Everyone present seems to have their eyes glued on you and just as you are about to extend your hand, to take the hand of the groom to get up on the wedding podium, your dress gets unhooked and you find yourself in the most embarrassing position in front of all your friends and family on your wedding day. This nightmare is also something which has kept many a brides wide awake all through the night before their wedding. 

No Rings No Wedding

Have you ever seen a bride get up in the middle of the night, rush to her wardrobe and check on her wedding ring or call up her fiancé and remind him about bringing the ring for the wedding ceremony the next day? Well, if you ever see a bride doing this, do not think that she is freaking out or is a control freak, it is possible that she just had a nightmare, where the wedding had to be called off, simply because both the bride and the groom forgot to get the wedding rings for the ceremony. 

Getting married is a huge decision and it can leave even the strongest of persons scared. Therefore, for the bride to have these nightmares is common and all she needs to do is find a way to keep her nerves calm till the wedding is over.


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