No Vows, Big Wedding Party 

No Vows, Big Wedding Party

Having a traditional wedding can prove to be an expensive affair, besides the expense, the planning and organizing of so many wedding ceremonies can prove to be a big hassle, which in many cases takes the fun out of the wedding for the bride, groom and their families. At the end of the day, these are the people for whom this wedding should have been the most special, and they are the ones, who end up not enjoying the wedding at all. Therefore, instead of trying to plan a wedding for the entertainment of the wedding guests, many brides and grooms are now opting to skip the traditional wedding vows taking ceremonies and instead they throw a big wedding reception, where all their close friends and family members are invited and in a very unconventional manner, they say take each other on as their legally wedded husband and wife. 

Some of the other advantages of going down this unconventional wedding lane are as follows:

No Stress

When you do not plan the wedding to show off or impress other people, the stress of planning the wedding gets automatically reduced to nil. Everything about the wedding becomes fun as you do only those things which you want to do and which you enjoy doing. Therefore, if you do not want to have a wedding cake at your wedding, you do not need to waste time selecting a perfect cake; simply because traditional demands that you cut a cake at your wedding reception. Instead, you can arrange for something else that you would really enjoy. 

No Extravagance

When you do away with most of the traditional ceremonies and also cut down your guests to restrict it to only those people who are special in your life, then the overall expenses relating to the wedding also come down drastically. You can use this money saved for planning a more exotic and romantic honeymoon for yourself, or use it to plan a more financially secure future for yourself. 

More Fun

The fact that you are not tied down by old traditions and rituals, gives the bride and the groom to be just themselves and enjoy the company of their loved ones and the party to the fullest. There is no right or wrong way for the bride and the groom to behave at these weddings and therefore, whether they wish to kick off their shoes and dance their hearts out with their friends, they are free to enjoy their wedding in any manner that they want. 

More Intimate

When you hold a big traditional wedding, you are forced by custom to invite many people who you know are not your best well-wishers and who would in fact be looking for ways and reasons to criticize the wedding. However, when you decide to go down the unconventional wedding route, you only invite those people who are really close to you and whom you know will always want the best for you. These people make your wedding a warm and intimate affair, thus making it a lot more special than any traditional wedding. 


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