Notice Worthy Donts for Pre Wedding Bride 

Notice Worthy Donts for Pre Wedding Bride

Plenty of rules, regulations, do’s and don’ts are confronted by the bride to make the wedding planning gorgeous, besides, safe an effortless. The day to day stress of wedding keeps the bride in a position of following what’s super special to do and what’s to be avoided. However, there are always the bunches of works which are keeping the bride till last minute busy. 

The beauty tips and the habits to be avoided to help you stay on the saner side of the things, have been listed so that you can remain prepped up to appear gorgeous and stree free. 

1. Don’t forget to break into new shoes- The painful shoe bites are often accompanied by the itching or soaring at the back of foot. This is an important point that you must not forget to, besides, the new shoes offer painful shoe bites. To avoid painful last day problem, it’s very important to do random errand around the house. Wear wool sox and walk around the day. Don’t forget to have band aid with you.

2. Don’t have the last minute facial- No facial work should be done before a week, except that fruit facial or the fruit mask which can add glow to your face. You can also do ice- pack facial where ice cubes are utilized. The two week time before the wedding is the ideal one. There can be allergic manifestation of doing the facial. That’s why you are advised not to have the facial lastly.

3. Don’t forget to have the data about the weather- it’s extremely mandatory to check the weather predictions for the 7 days consecutively before wedding. The same on the D-day would lead to planning extra. So don’t freak out, in case there is rain before that.

4. Don’t go for pre- wedding shoot immediately before wedding- The same causes severe sun burn, in addition to the tanning. Pre wedding shoot requires 5-6 hours, which must be planned few days earlier the wedding.

5. Never get your eyebrows done late-  there are instances available when the bride underwent severe irritation with cut upper lip. While her eye brow turned red for the week. You must not do anything with your skin a week before. Take sufficient margin.

6. Never apply anything new like- cream or beauty cream-  the one which suits well to your aunt does not really mean would suit you well too. The ingredients inside the cream may pose serious repercussions to your skin. Even the best brands and products sometimes don’t meet all the requirements.

7. Don’t forget to have the sufficient sleep- it’s always recommended not to elaborate big parties till late night. Go to bed every day earliest to have your proper sleep. Keep all these stuffs to minimum and chill out. Trust us, you will look refreshed and more in tune with things.

8. Don’t have the newer hair cut-

9.Strictly avoid the trip when there is just one week to go

10. Avoid sweating the small stuff- don’t panic, even if the guest or the acquaintances don’t attend or perform little drama. Avoid concerning too much about these little stuffs.

11. Don’t try new fitness schedule – if you are habitual of doing little yoga, that’s fine, otherwise, strictly avoid any sort of rigorous exercise.

12. Don’t discuss family situations, monies, kids and exes pre wedding- these valuable discussions must not be done during wedding week, must be done prior a long time to wedding, otherwise it may lead to the fight with your fiancé.

13. Strictly avoid an alcohol binge- the hangover and other serious repercussions must be avoided while having the bachelorette party.


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