Notice worthy Muslim wedding invitations 

Notice worthy Muslim wedding invitations

The wedding ceremony is considered to be very auspicious and sacred in Muslims. Muslim wedding ceremony is also called as “Nikah” and it is considered as a holy and sacred occasion for the families of the bride and the groom. Muslim wedding invitation cards play a significant role in the wedding ceremonies. They are referred to as “Walima” or “Nikah” invitation cards. 

Basic Features of a Muslim Wedding Invitation Card

Muslim wedding cards are popular throughout the world for their style, color schemes, symbols engraved and elegance which adds on to their uniqueness. Usually symbols like star, a crescent, and wordings like Bismillah, Allah or Shahadah are engraved beautifully on Muslim wedding cards. Every symbol has a unique implication. For example, the symbol of a star depicts ultimate faith in Allah or God whereas the symbol Bismillah is used to represent blessings and support from the God himself. The use of religious symbols on Muslim wedding cards is done to establish a spiritual connection with the ultimate power.

According to Muslim culture, engraving spiritual symbols on the wedding cards would make God shower his blessings on the couple getting married. Traditionally, Muslim wedding cards were written in Arabic language, however, with changing times they have started using English wordings in the wedding cards.

Materials Used in the Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards

The Muslim families give special attention towards the materials which are used while making the wedding invitation cards. The wedding card materials which are popular among Muslims and are widely used include fabrics like silk, velvet, satin and metallic thread works. Glittering handmade paper materials are also quite popularly used in the Muslim wedding invitation cards. Muslims like their wedding cards to be glittery, glossy, bright and shining and therefore they make use of artificial stones, colorful ribbons, strings and glittering bindis to decorate Muslim wedding cards.
Modern Design Features of Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards

Nowadays Muslim wedding cards are made by inculcating contemporary design concepts keeping in mind the latest trends in vogue. Exclusive and intricate designs of patterns and textures are extensively used in the wedding cards. However, these designs are mostly conventional Islamic symbols like moon, starts, Allah, etc. Apart from these symbols, designs like peacock feathers, domes, green leaves, etc. are also used in the Muslim wedding cards. Most of the cards carry white background theme because white is regarded as auspicious in Muslim weddings. Also the green color is used extensively in the wedding cards. The commonly used Muslim styles used in wedding cards are Farman type, traditional scrolls or the ones which can be rolled open. The most striking feature of a Muslim wedding card is the use of artistic calligraphy which is a throwback of the Muslim traditions and culture. Wedding cards might also have the verses from Quran inscribed on them to give them a spiritual appeal. The star and moon symbolize ultimate faith in God. Bismillah represents Quran and seek blessing of God. Shahadah implies sanctity and union with God in harmony. 


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