Opting Juice Cleanse Before Wedding - Here are the Pros and Cons 

Opting Juice Cleanse Before Wedding - Here are the Pros and Cons

That crazy dayzz before wedding, dreaming of the Instagram worthy pics with gorgeous wedding attires require a strict follow up of the diet regimen. The fat around the belly and the bridal glow are the two controlling factors for opting the special diet regimen before the wedding. The brides all over are becoming health conscious to appear slim fit and pretty. In addition, the facial glow is another controlling factor for the same. The skin glow largely relies upon the intake of fresh juices and the vitamin minerals taken in form of the vegetables or the juices. This trend has picked up quite a bit of popularity with the brides to be looking to get that bridal glow before the wedding. Let’s give you the entire lowdown on this latest fitness fad so that you can choose whether this is something you wanna try or not...

Juice cleanse-

As the name depicts, juice cleanse is the cleaning process of the body by the way of juice fasting in which a person entirely rely upon the fruits and veggie juices for few days. The juices, which are consumed, must be either freshly extracted at the home or getting the service of juice cleanses packages that have recently come off. The packaged tetra packs available I n the market must commercially, are not utilized for this purpose. 

Craze in boon- juice cleanse- getting rid of the toxics of the body by the way of detoxification process that occurs due to intake merely of the required nutritional constituents makes you more energetic. It is claimed to clear up the skin too with an ease in digestive issues. Plus, with celebs endorsing it, it’s no surprise that juice cleanses have become really popular!

Kind of juices to be consumed while on juice cleanse- 

Cold pressed fruits are not grinded in a machine to get that, rather they are pressed in a machine, where it presses the sh** out of it to take the juice out. The major pros of having the juice in this way to have minimum oxidation and contamination which can be stored for 30 days without any preservation. 

The juice cleanse also has a catch as the juice, being the major sources of the natural sugars, load the body with the natural sugar, which may not be fit for your body. It is rather advised to consume fruit and vegetable juice as a part of the regimen to balance the sugar out to an extent. The juice detox, as a matter of health issue may sound great, but actually, the juices may not be best tasted once you have had.

Effectiveness of the juice cleanses- 

There are mixed verdict on this process. There are those who claim that it makes a lot of difference, where as opponents put their view forward saying that it does not make a great difference. Very low fraction of the people assert that it makes them glow and their instant face and tummy bloating and puffiness. Whereas other call it as market gimmick. The major con of this regimen is to have the normal weight gain as you start consuming the normal diet. 

As per the ayurveda also, the juice cleans definitely provides a rest to the digestive system as the liver and kidney normally perform the function of removing the toxins out from the body. Whereas, while on juice therapy, the body gets the rest from junk foods and processed ingredients, which can help your digestive system a rest. 

Precautions to be taken while on the juice cleans- 

1. The juice cleans looks quite simple and harmless. But never attempt it until or unless you get an expert advice from the physician, especially if you have ongoing or chronic disease. 

2. Have a check on caffeine intake and have more of water during the juice cleanse. 

3. Diet must be loaded with the fibrous contents. Before you go for this procedure, you are strongly suggested to eat healthy for a couple of weeks even before cleansing. Initially, this process may give you upset tummy, but later on your body will be loaded with a lot of fiber. 

4. Once you are on this diet, means on the juice cleans, make sure you don’t miss even a single diet, and because this is the only diet you are gonna take once you are on this. Missing the juice may lead to disturbance in the sugar and energy level. In other words, you are suggested to maintain the consistency.

5. Initially, you may feel nausea or fatigue with it. But stop only when you really feel sick or faint. 

6. Never attempt juice cleans immediately before wedding. it may have some consequences which may be entirely different from the others. Plan it month before the wedding. So that you can tackle any untoward reaction to the body, if happens so. 

7. Take care of your consumption after the juice cleanse as well. Since you have already put in the effort, make sure not to undo it with junk and alcohol the very next week!

Where do you sign up?

Here are some popular Indian startups that deliver the prescribed juices to you, given to you city-wise! The prices and juices may differ from company to company. A lot of them have their products in supermarkets or do take orders online for other cities as well.

Jucifix starting at Rs 1200 for a one day juice cleanse.
Rawpressery starting at Rs 1500 for a one day juice cleanse.

Justpressed starting at Rs 1600 for a one day juice cleanse
Rawpressery starting at Rs 1500 for a one day juice cleanse.
Antidote starting at Rs 3000 for 14 days juice cleanse, one each day.

Freshpressery starting at Rs 1500 for a one day juice cleanse

Cleansehigh starting at Rs 1360 for a one day cleanse


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