Pakistani Brides - Renowned for These Steal Worthy Styles Lets Imitate Those Indian Brides 

Pakistani Brides - Renowned for These Steal Worthy Styles Lets Imitate Those Indian Brides

The Pakistani brides are always at the top and are beyond comparison always. No one can deny the mesmerizing beauty of them. The way they put on lehenga, their dupatta draping style, coupled with the grandeur they exhibit, puts an impact that they always stand at the top amongst other top class brides. 

The Indian brides, do share some of the common fashions, though our traditions are quite common, still Indian brides have always been getting inspired by their gorgeous appearance and even vice versa. The jhoomer, weared by the Pakistani bride has become extremely common with Indian bride as well.

There are some style ideas that we can emulate from the Pakistani brides- 

1. Hair accessories and hair jewellery- 

The Pakistani brides do wear pearls in their hairs to make them look extra beautiful. They not only bring out the beauty of lehenga but also highlight their glowing make up. The Pakistani brides always wear hair accessories. They usually prefer tiny little flowers apart from the jhoomer or Maang Tikka.

2. Jewellery in layers-

The satlada, as we discussed once, is the traditional and ancestral piece of jewellery, which comes from the indo-pak culture. The trend of Pakistani jewellery to wear the jewellery in layers is more common than the Indian brides. They prefer wearing high neckline that starts with high neckline and starting with a chocker or neckline, usually tighter and it keeps layering it till almost their navel...

3. The bold eyebrows and Smokey eyes- 

The Pakistani brides usually opt for the Smokey eyes with their subdued lips regardless of the outfit they are wearing. They love keeping long lashes and bold eyebrows. Most of them love to wear contacts to ensure eyes are getting highlighted in their bridal makeup.

4. Colour specific- grey, silver or white outfits-

The silver, white or the golden bridal attires are rarely seen in Indian weddings. on the contrary, these are pretty much common there in Pakistan. The stunning appearance of Pakistani brides is ensured with the pastel shades compared to the bold ones we have. All this lends the angelic vibes to them.

5. Long kurta with lehenga- 

The Indian brides wear cholis with the kurtas, the arms and the midriffs are shown.Instead of choli, and they have long cholis or kurtas, not to show off their midriff and arms. They usually wear full sleeved well fitted straight cholis.

6. Open carrying off hairs with a dupatta-

Indian weddings do not evidence much about the open hairs, while it’s pretty common to see Pakistani brides wearing them off quite oftenly. The brides with round or square face, this looks much better than any other type of updo.

7. The draping style of dupatta-

The supper pretty dupatta, along with the gorgeous way of draping it makes it the best Pakistani bride.


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