Paper Floral, The Decoration Enhanced with Colours 

Paper Floral, The Decoration Enhanced with Colours

The paper flowers, specially oversized one, origami and other cool props which are made from construction paper appear totally chic, in addition being the economical, where the papers are supposed to have the lesser cost compared to the flowers don’t lead to budget loss. 

The paper floral centerpieces-oversized- 

The bigger, gigantic flowers which are built with the paper when utilized as table centerpiece or even if we struck them against the wall as a photobooth backdrop appear gorgeous.  The natural colors along with the gigantic size of papers lead to the newer trends of decoration.

Origami Paper cranes, as the backdrop décor- 

when these cute paper cranes are hanged behind the bride and the groom for the colorful pics, or even when utilized for photo booth backdrop appears gorgeous.

Paper discs and the pinwheels-

these paper items like as paper wheels or pin wheels when utilized in the proper way add more decorum to the stage. May be the stage backdrop is the best way to utilize this colorful paper disc, whereas, pinwheels are hanged from the trees. The mehendi celebration at home, adds more of the charm with these paper discs and pinwheels.


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