Parental Dilemmas At Wedding Could Be Really Sticky 

Parental Dilemmas At Wedding Could Be Really Sticky

Wedding is the time of celebration, good catering towards the guests and living the customary feel and traditions. These are like the icons and define the wedding fervour. The hosts have to serve the bulkier duties of making all the adherences in the best regards so that everything goes well and as anticipated. Many a times, the hosts and particularly the parents of the bride & groom feel the inconsistencies and dilemmas. They find typically sticky situations which are difficult to handle and require special means and synergies. Unless the parents acting as the good hosts think and handle the situation in the best manners, things could get more complicated! Wise parents know the tricks to move out of these situations without making the damages. It is important to note that most such situations are humanistic or pertain to rituals! What could be the parental dilemmas in the wedding occasion? Let’s look into the same! 

The two guests that hate each other 

Wedding house often finds a situation when the two guests who are otherwise holding a grudge against each other come to attend the ceremony. They would definitely be in no mood to make the peace just for the sake of wedding. There remains a strong likelihood of these guests engaging in verbal duel any time. A minor clue could serve to bring them to hot tussle in your house and this is simply undesirable. The parents acting as the hosts have to take the balanced steps and need to establish peace, if they find the conditions worsening. It is their duty to ensure the goodness of the atmosphere in their wedding house. However, this duty is no less than a dilemma for them. The most demanded attribute is that they should never try to confer more importance on one over the other! 

The ritualistic differences 

The parents get caught in messy dilemmas often on account of the ritualistic differences that exist between the families of the bride and groom. This is common because if the families belong to different or far off regions then surely there would be such differences. Every family insists that their rituals prevail. The parental dilemma here is that of handling such situations! Instead of escalating their concerns for the rituals they should focus on the main event and try to accommodate each other’s wishes. 

The question of ego between the families of groom and bride 

Sometimes the ego develops between the families of bride and groom and the issue could be anything trivial or big! The fact is that while ego could be riding high, there is an actual loss derived through this. The good moments will be sacrificed and these moments are rare and come once in a lifetime. Wise parents know the best passages to come out of such dilemma. 

An error by some guest handling a responsibility 

Often it happens that some guest is assigned a responsibility pertaining to wedding. The situation gets sticky when he/she falters and commits a mistake to generate losses. The parental dilemma is how to handle these situations that are unanticipated. 


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